Woman bites camel's testicles after it sits on her


A Florida woman escaped from under a camel by biting its testicles after she crawled into the animal's pen to rescue her dog and the camel sat on her, authorities say. The woman's husband was chucking treats under Caspar's fence, which encouraged the dog to crawl into the camel's enclosure.

The dog ended up running under a double barbed wire pen belonging to Casper the camel.

"I bit his balls to get him off of me, I bit his testicles to get him off of me", the woman told police, Iberville Parish Deputy Louis Hamilton Jr. explained to The Advocate.

The woman was sent to hospital after the encounter, however it is not known how serious her injuries were as a result of the encounter. Instead, deputies cited the unidentified couple for criminal trespassing and for not having their dog on a leash, he told the Advocate.

Caspar has been in the enclosure since last summer, replacing truck stop's previous attraction, Tony the tiger.

Employees at the truck stop did not face any charges because the camel was enclosed and signs warning the public to stay out are posted every 10 feet, the deputy added. "After they trespassed then they proceed to antagonize something that big", Bossier told local media. "The camel did nothing wrong. I watched it", she said.

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Hamilton blamed the woman and her husband for irking Caspar enough that he made a decision to take a seat atop the woman.

"They was pushing Caspar and stuff", she said.

"For more than seven years, we litigated on many fronts to free Tony, and we are devastated that despite our best efforts, he lived and died caged at a truck stop that could never provide the life he deserved", the Animal Legal Defense Fund said in a statement after Tony's death.

The truck stop's manager, Pamela Bossier, told the outlet there hadn't been any attacks on visitors in the 30 years since the stop started keeping wild animals. "In fact, the husband and wife stated before that we've been here before and we've never had any problems".

Male dromedaries can weigh up to 1,320 pounds, according to the San Diego Zoo.

"My only question to her husband was: 'Why did you throw the doggy treat under the fence?'" Hamilton went on to tell the publication.