The Simpsons predicted the Fortnite 'black hole' situation years ago


Others were outside the loop. The new update for Fortnite is now downloading for PC and consoles. Your Fortnite V-Bucks Are Safe Sony and Nintendo have both made public posts ensuring players that their money spent in Fortnite is secure, and referred players to Epic's customer service site.

At around 2 p.m. ET on October 13, a meteor in Season 10 of "Fortnite" that had been biding its time set off a cataclysmic chain reaction that sucked up everything on the the island and eventually wiped out the entire map. Digitally, of course. The massive PR stunt pulled by Epic Games, the company that owns Fortnite, was planned in anticipation of an unannounced relaunch. Instead, it pinned a tweet showing a live video feed of the black hole, accompanied by a space-age-y soundtrack.

The leaked skins are starting to stack up for Chapter 2, Season 1 of Fortnite.

More than a million people tuned into the livestream to watch.

Will there be Season 11?

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Republicans, meanwhile are criticizing the complaint because the whistleblower did not have firsthand knowledge of the call. Trump also claimed that the server itself, which the Federal Bureau of Investigation never acquired, may now be in Ukraine.

There's a shedload of Fortnite cosmetics to unpack for Chapter 2.

When will Fortnite Chapter 2 start? Fortnite's data miners found names of new points of interest (POI) whose names closely resemble those on the now-Interstellared island.

It's worth noting that previously data mined dates have proved incorrect, so take this date with a grain of salt. Those transitions have been marked by changes to the island's map, but speculation has been swirling that a more substantial update might be coming - and that it could include a new setting altogether. The black hole is spitting out a string of numbers every hour and well, it corresponds to The Visitor's audio transcript - was tweeted out by Epic Games' Creative Director Donald Mustard last week.

Although we've heard nothing from Epic yet, Sony and Nintendo have confirmed that our existing cosmetics and V-Bucks will still be there when Fortnite finally makes its comeback.

Streamers have already begun flooding in, with the hashtag #FirstDrop, and you can see the first in the main Fortnite Twitch link below.