No Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL for India


At that time, those two models will join the Pixel 4 with unlimited storage at "high quality" and full quality will cost owners storage space. That's different from Apple Inc.'s "Face ID" system, which does require one's eyes to be open.

While this was certainly a gamble (the phone even ditches the fingerprint sensor in the process), it seems to have paid of.

The Pixel 4 face unlock may be lightning fast but it's certainly not the most secure. (The Pixel 3's photographic capabilities, for example, featured in several clever ads promoting features like Night Sight and Top Shot.) Presumably, all of the Pixel 4's carrier partners will be looking to promote Google's latest phones as well. Note that if you use the gift card, no returns or refunds can be made.

After months of leaks, rumors, speculations, and eventually teasers, the Pixel 4 was officially announced last October 15. This allows smartphones with air gestures; to execute specific actions, you need to wave your hand, which works on the 60 GHz spectrum.

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With 6GB RAM, a 90Hz display, and Pixel Neural Core, Pixel 4 is fast and powerful, the Internet search giant says.

Indeed, Google specifically called out slow Pixel 3 sales this past spring, saying the flagships hadn't sold as well as the Pixel 2. Rivaling the iPhone 11 and Samsung Note10 just a month or two after they dropped is courageous, especially so when both hit so hard on improved performance, cameras, and aesthetics. The phone features a dual-camera setup that comprises of a primary 12MP wide sensor and a 12MP ultrawide sensor. "It's still a lucrative market for Google... it's not like everything is lost because they couldn't launch one series".

There's not much to complain about in this department, but if we had to name one gripe it would be the lack of a wide-angle camera.

A big part of the Pixel 4 is Project Soli. Google has chose to limit the global release this time and they would first make the Pixel 4 and 4 XL available here and then slowly roll it out for other locations. You can also upgrade your phone to 128 GB for an additional $100. Three colorways will be available: Clearly White, Just Black, and a limited edition Oh So Orange.