Google to roll out free Google Play rewards program in the US


Google Play Points, a rewards programs for people using the Google Play Store to buy apps, games and services, is finally in the U.S. after being originally launched in Japan a year ago.

Google has said that a new reward programme for Play Store users would be rolling out in the United States. You also get additional points if you download the featured free apps and games which Google will probably use to push titles that will either pay for that privilege or those that they believe people should be downloading. Those options may seem limited at first, but if you pump your points into Google Play Store cash, you can grab virtually anything on the platform.

The program is free to join via a simple sign-up process within the Play Store app. There are a couple other perks, too, such as "Premium support from experienced agents" at the Platinum tier, or a "Weekly Gold Level prize up to 200 pts" (whatever that means) for Gold-ranking users, but they don't seem too significant. Subscriptions also earn customers rewards points. This rewards points system will surely inspire more users to utilize the apps on their phones. During the opening week, for instance, every user can earn three times more points than the usual points on each item bought. Further, you can rent a movie or buy an audiobook in place of your reward points. You'll then see a menu item called "Play Points".

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Aside from the fact that Google patched this vulnerability last month, there are other reasons that this doesn't sit anywhere near the most risky threats facing your devices today.

Once Android 10 gets released, the system-wide dark mode will take over, so it makes sense for Google to want to add this feature to as many of its app as possible until the new OS update hits compatible devices.

Users can also donate their points to a selection of non-profit organisations, including Doctors Without Borders USA and the World Food Program USA.