READ: Testimony Of William Taylor, Acting U.S. Envoy To Ukraine


In a Wednesday tweet, Schiff revealed top US diplomat for Ukraine William Taylor and State Department official George Kent will publicly appear before the committee next Wednesday.

Next week, the House Intelligence Committee will hold its first open hearings as part of the impeachment inquiry.

The impeachment inquiry is looking into whether Mr. Trump violated his oath of office by pressuring the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe Biden, now the frontrunner for the Democratic ticket to the 2020 Presidential race and his son, Hunter Biden, who was a director at Ukrainian gas company Burisma.

Taylor also testified that it was his "clear understanding" U.S. security aid to Ukraine wouldn't be released unless the country's president announced he would investigate Trump's political rivals.

Taylor described how Trump prevented the release of military aid to Ukraine as he used that back channel to prod the country's leaders to publicly announce an investigation of Biden, the former vice president and potential 2020 rival to Trump.

U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland in a dramatic turn of events changed his testimony to impeachment investigators, to add that he had recalled that there was a quid pro quo between President Donald Trump and Ukraine despite being uninformed on details of the call.

"This suggested to me that the normal channel, where you would have staff on the phone call, was being cut out".

He was asked if he was aware that "quid pro quo" meant "this for that".

"We are getting increasing appreciation for just what took place during the course of the previous year and the degree to which the president enlisted whole departments of the government in the illicit aim of trying to get Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political opponent", Schiff told reporters Wednesday.

In what's likely a preview of next week's public hearings, Republicans pressed Taylor on whether he had direct knowledge of the President's intentions.

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The hearings will mark a new, and potentially significant, phase of the impeachment inquiry, which Democrats launched in September.

In his testimony, Sondland said: "She was pretty upset about her role in the administration, about her superiors, about the president".

All three witnesses have testified in closed-door sessions.

Under questioning from Rep.

The three committees that have been leading the investigation are wrapping up the closed-door testimony this week.

- Attorneys for the individual whose complaint about Trump's July 25 call to Ukraine's president touched off the impeachment inquiry warned against releasing the person's name, saying it would put that individual and the person's family at "risk of serious harm". But she did not raise concerns about the call with her superiors and, when asked what Pence knew, said she never heard him mention anything about investigation of the 2016 elections, Burisma or the Bidens.

US Democrats will hold the first public hearings in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump next week, marking what appears to be a targeted shift from fact-finding to a public information campaign.

"What I know", he said, "is that the direction was coming from Giuliani".

Investigators have been told that President Trump wanted to pressure the government of Ukraine to commit to investigations that could help him in the 2020 election.