Trump to release transcript of a second call with Zelensky 'probably' Tuesday


The Trump administration had asked for a statement that Ukraine was investigating an energy company connected to the Bidens and the 2016 us election. In his closed-door testimony, the deputy assistant secretary of state said Trump wanted Zelenskiy to stand at a microphone and say three words: investigations, Biden and Clinton. "There should not be impeachment hearings", Trump said. Sondland had a direct line to Trump.

In text messages Volker gave to investigators, USA diplomats discussed the Trump administration's interest in getting Ukraine to investigate potential 2016 election interference and Burisma.

Schiff said three State Department witnesses will appear in two hearings Wednesday and Friday: the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor, career department official George Kent, and Marie Yovanovitch, the former USA ambassador to Ukraine.

He also said he is thinking about revealing information from a first telephone call he had last April with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Vindman has become a key witness in the House investigation.

"I think without haste, but again, without delay and competently, the House of representatives have set a goal to deal with this in intelligence, worldwide and legal committees, and to hold a General vote before Christmas", said the Congressman from the democratic party. "His assertions and allegations against former Ambassador Yovanovitch were without basis, untrue, period". "My visceral reaction to what was being called for suggested that it was explicit".

He told investigators he was uncomfortable with what he was hearing about Giuliani pushing the investigations and Trump's special envoy to Ukraine, Kurt Volker, engaging Ukrainian officials on the subject.

Devon Archer, second on the list, is a business partner to Hunter Biden and also a former Burisma board member.

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To make the withdrawal even more politically fraught, the decision will take effect the day after the 2020 presidential election. The formal submission to withdraw from the decision was quickly met with condemnation from organizations and politicians.

However, "I do not believe it was impeachable", the Texas Republican said, making the weird argument that the public has gotten used to Trump publicly making the kind of comments heard in his call with Ukraine. "This would undermine USA national security", Vindman testified.

Their reports made clear that senior officials in the White House were aware of the impropriety and possible illegality of the Ukraine machinations well before Trump and Zelensky spoke on July 25.

Kent testified that there was "a broad-based consensus" at the time that Shokin was wasting U.

Taylor repeatedly conveyed concerns with the "irregular channel" that Giuliani had set up at Trump's instruction to bypass the embassy and the State Department.

"Knowing Mr. Shokin, I had full faith that it was bunch of hooey, and he was looking to basically engage in a con game out of revenge because he'd lost his job", Kent testified.

But minutes later in another White House room, Sondland continued to press the investigations requirement with the Ukrainians, further alarming the two officials. "I did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a USA citizen", Vindman testified, later adding that the tone of the call was "dour".