Microsoft's Game Streaming Service xCloud to Launch Next Year


With the company's X019 event finally underway, the remastered game's release date was sure to be a surprise announcement. Additionally, support for third-party accessories such as Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 controllers and those from other brands will also be added to Project xCloud soon. "You're going to continue with your games on Project Scarlett, your save games, your community - everything will be right there". Nothing much is known yet about the game apart from what was shown in the trailer. Survivors must hunt for resources and craft weapons and tools while exploring the open environment.

Tell Me Why is a new one from Dontnod, makers of Life is unusual starring a pair of twins with some kind of paranormal connection.

Microsoft also has a disadvantage in the latency department. CD Projekt Red's hit game is one that most people have played already, but since it's one people often return to, it'd still be a big win for Xbox Game Pass subscribers assuming it's really coming to the service.

Spencer didn't address the Project Scarlett's cost either, and he didn't confirm whether Microsoft will launch one or two Xbox Scarlett versions next year.

Chiefs' Mahomes practices in full; Reid playing it safe
In his remarks, Reid was also careful not to confirm whether or not Mahomes would be active before doctors gave him the go-ahead. Asked about Mahomes on Wednesday, Reid told reporters that he won't put Mahomes on the field if there is a risk.

Not counting the Halo Wars collection of games, gamers last experienced a true Halo game on the PC platform with Halo: Combat Evolved back in 2001 and its sequel Halo 2 in 2004. Currently, the service is being tested on Android devices since October. Rare has announced a brand new game called "Everwild" with a teaser trailer.

Also shown off was a modern day Gauntlet, set in the Minecraft universe.

On Obsidian's end, the studio announced "Grounded", a new multiplayer survival game with a familiar cartoon aesthetic. He did say that Microsoft "will talk about the SKY lineup and how it works". Microsoft, however, wants customers to know it has learned its lessons from the Xbox One launch and won't repeat them again.

The Microsoft xCloud preview program is getting a big update, with more than 50 games being added to the streaming service, including Madden NFL 20, Devil May Cry 5, and Tekken 7. It is still limited to users in the US, UK, and South Korea, but the company plans to offer the preview to those in Canada, India, Japan, and Western Europe early next year.