Instagram test of hiding 'likes' spreads to Indonesia


Instagram has previously tested hiding likes in several different countries and today's announcement suggests that the company is on the verge of officially removes public like counts from the app and making it impossible for users to see which posts are truly popular. "You can still see your own likes by tapping on the list of people who've liked it, but your friends will not be able to see how many likes your post has received". The removal also includes the views on videos posted on the feed and profile.

Instagram has announced that it's started testing hiding like counts for users worldwide.

'While the feedback from early testing in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Eire, Italy, Japan and Novel Zealand has been particular, that is a classic swap to Instagram, and so we're persevering with our test to be taught more from our world community. "It's a win-win situation for creative content creators, brands and purposes of an Instagram based businesses", she added. Many tech journalists, including us, wrote on this issue revealing that Influencers were Nervous on Instagram's "Hiding Likes" Test. Cardi B has also weighed in, saying remark likes are extra unsafe than likes them selves, as they let men and women to reward damaging backchat to usually favourable posts.

But not every user will lose likes, only those who are included in the test. They would be with no option but to rely on screenshots provided by the influencers or get them to share the engagement insights that Instagram shows business users. However, since the numbers are only visible to them, there's no longer a need to buy likes.

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After Instagram said last week that it would extend hiding likes to the US, its users globally were hit with the change Thursday.

While there's now no word when the feature goes live for everyone, it's only a matter of time when Instagram rolls it out as it's getting positive feedback.

That users can still see their own like count but not others' is notable. Instagram says it is working on ways to help creators while it experiments with removing likes. Facebook and Instagram are intertwined.