Trump's lawyer accuses Joe Biden of BRIBERY for his own Ukraine dealings


Illinois Congressman Mike Quigley, a Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, said President Trump's derogatory remarks about Marie Yovanovitch, the former us ambassador to Ukraine and one of the key witnesses in the impeachment inquiry, are part of a "pattern" of attacks created to intimidate individuals who may have damaging information about the president.

Taylor went on to say he was not aware of this information during his October 22nd deposition and included it in Wednesday's testimony for "completeness".

"Democrats don't want to talk about that, and I think they are going to pay a price", said a barber from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania named Joe D'Ambrosio who will support Donald Trump regardless of the results of the impeachment hearings. Burisma is the gasoline company in Ukraine where Democrat Joe Biden's son Hunter served on the board.

"The President was not yet ready to approve the release of the assistance", Morrison said of the "one-on-one meeting" between Trump and Bolton.

Indeed, Schiff's quotes hardly resembled the transcript published by the White House, Rives recalled in a column in The Washington Examiner.

Williams was amid the staffers within the White Family Drawback Space who listened and took notes by way of Trump's July 25 cellphone when he requested Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy for "a favor".

Mr. Trump defended his attack on Ms. Yovanovitch, saying he had the right to free speech.

She also said she read the message Ambassador William Taylor, the top USA diplomat in Ukraine, sent to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in late August, laying out the case for the release of the military aid withheld from Ukraine, saying that Taylor made a "very persuasive case". But it did on one particular date: July 25, the day of Trump's call with Zelenskiy.

"He assured President Zelensky that there was no change in USA policy in terms of our fuII - full-throated support for Ukraine and its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and assured that he would convey back to President Trump what he had heard from President Zelensky in terms of Zelensky's good progress on reforms, so that hopefully we could get a decision on the security assistance as soon as possible", Williams said of Pence.

Morrison is the latest witness to put Sondland at the center of the House investigation into whether President Trump withheld $400 million in US military assistance to pressure Ukraine to help Trump politically.

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As former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified in the House impeachment inquiry to evidence of abuse of power by Donald Trump, he tweeted insulting allegations against her in real time.

A whistleblower's complaint about that call led to the impeachment inquiry.

"If Putin doesn't have something on him, he's doing all this for some weird reason", said Rep. Mike Quigley, an Illinois Democrat who sits on the House Intelligence Committee.

Pence was additionally on the Warsaw accumulating.

31 testimony, Morrison confirmed he was on the July 25 phone call between Trump and Ukraine's president. "Thus, perhaps, it was not surprising, that when our anti-corruption efforts got in the way of the desire for profit or power, Ukrainians who preferred to play by the old, corrupt rules sought to remove me", she said.

Williams listened in on the July 25 call and said the requests appeared to have been made to further Trump's "personal political agenda" rather than United States foreign policy goals.

Vindman and Williams are scheduled to testify together during a public impeachment hearing on Tuesday morning. And these witnesses were doing their best to say, I am not partisan. That day, a legal document with Sandy's signature directed a freeze of the security funds to Ukraine, according to testimony.

Testifying under oath before a national television audience, Marie Yovanovitch cut a resolute figure as she was grilled for five hours on her fraught dealings with Trump allies she accuses of undermining USA foreign policy in Ukraine.

A few days later, on September 7, Mr Sondland rang Mr Morrison to tell him he had just finished a call with the president.

But Democrats expressed confidence that they were methodically establishing a pattern of wrongdoing on the part of those close to Trump, one that is leading closer to the president himself.