Local nursery encouraging customers to buy their Christmas tree early


The hall will be decorated with over 20 Christmas trees, each donated by a local business or individual.

On average, consumers paid $78 for a tree in 2018, up $3 from 2017.

A North American-wide shortage of Christmas trees could mean some Calgary homes won't be fully decked for the holidays, according to a Christmas tree farmers.

Mexico is the top worldwide importer of OR trees.

County Claims Local Emergency for Cave Fire
According to the National Weather Service , morning winds of 10 miles per hour are expected to drop off in the afternoon Tuesday. The fire was a threat to an estimated 2,400 structures, Santa Barbara County fire spokesman Mike Eliason told KEYT-TV.

The Third Annual Christmas Festival of Trees will be held in Fellowship Hall at Windham Hill United Church of Christ, 140 Windham Center Road Dec. 6-8. He says there is always a flow of traffic leaving with a tree after Thanksgiving.

It's the most wonderful time of the year for selling Christmas trees. "It seems like people have been coming to get their trees this week and we're already sold out of two of the sizes of Christmas trees that we sell. And it's not as rainy this year, that's a good thing, that helps", Kalie said.

"It's the most acute we've ever seen, we've had the most trouble ever getting Christmas trees for folks and those who wait are going to be disappointed, I think", explains Perry Grobe, co-owner of Grobe's Nursery.

"We have people coming up from the states, from Ottawa, from Hamilton", Andrew Drysdale says.