Princess Anne wins over fans after snubbing Donald Trump


Footage of Princess Anne went viral this week, when it appeared she had avoided meeting Donald Trump at Buckingham Palace.

Princess Anne is one of the more low-key members of the British royal family, but she is making headlines after cameras allegedly caught her snubbing President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump at a reception for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday. And your allocated mood for the penultimate day of the working week is Princess Anne shrugging at Queen Elizabeth II after everyone thought she was being subtly scolded for not being in line to shake hands with Donald & Melania Trump.

In 1976, Anne became the first member of the British Royal Family to compete in the Olympics.

Princess Anne watches on as the Queen greets Donald Trump at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation reception.

The brief video clip immediately went viral and began to have a tendency on Twitter.

In a real-life episode of Netflix's "The Crown", Princess Anne may have shrugged her mother, the Queen of England, during the NATO Leaders Summit in London. Princess Anne responds by widening her arms out and shrugging.

"Although Anne wouldn't want it, her mother will insist".

Princess Anne's apparent refusal to engage with Trump on Tuesday did not extend to other North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders.

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Princess Anne is just one of the most hard working people in the royal household, holding down 179 days of involvements in 2016 - far out numbering those carried out by various other relatives.

As the Trump's were last, Princess Anne raised her hands, laughed and said: "It's just me!"

He added: "She's had her own scandals in the past but got through them, while it's probably much too late for Andrew to do the same".

Prince Philip once said of his daughter, whom he adores, "If it doesn't fart or eat hay, she isn't interested".

"Anne is apparently viewing and laughing into the entrance while the Queen does appear to turn-to her to beckon her inside".

Mr Trump seemed to suffer a genuine embarrassment later on when separate footage of the reception showed North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders appearing to mock the United States president.

"I think it's kind of shaping up 2019 to be a second annus horribilis", Tominey revealed while on "This Morning".

This week the Princess Royal ruled the Internet, but should anyone dare ask if she plans to join Twitter, her caustic reply would most probably be, "Not bloody likely".