Postpone parliamentary consultations: Lebanese president postpones consultations to select new PM


"For the second time, the President of the Republic responds to the request of Future Movement Leader, Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri, to postpone the date of the binding parliamentary consultations for reasons that have to do with the premiere himself", the FPM statement said.

Sunday's violence comes on the eve of a meeting between the president and parliamentary blocs in which Hariri is widely expected to be renamed to the post.

The UN's representative in Lebanon Jan Kubis Monday said the postponement of parliamentary consultations was "either a sign that following the events and statements of the last days politicians start to understand that they can not neglect the voice of the people, or another attempt to buy time for business as usual".

In that regard, U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Jan Kubis, who tweeted about the recent violent events and the need for investigation, followed with two consecutive tweets stating that the postponement was "either a sign that [.] politicians start to understand that they can not neglect the voice of the people, or another attempt to buy time for business as usual".

"They attacked us in a barbaric way, as if we're not protesting for their sake, their children", said a protester, Omar Abyad, 25, a nurse who has been unemployed since he graduated two years ago.

A violent Saturday night took place in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, as security forces in the city centre dispersed the protesters by force, using tear gas.

Caline Mouawad, a lawyer, said she watched as security forces violently broke up the protests and made a decision to join in solidarity.

The head of the Internal Security Forces, Brigadier Imad Othman, toured central Beirut on Sunday afternoon and chatted with some protesters, urging them to be restrained. Some promoted confrontation with security forces to express anger at the crackdown and the government's "business as usual" approach.

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His political opponents, including Aou and the powerful Shiite group backed by Iran's Hezbollah, say the new cabinet should include politicians along with technocrats. Demonstrators protest the way the government is being formed and the delays in choosing a candidate.

Hariri's office confirmed in a statement the decision was prompted by the LF move, saying it would have left him without the support of a leading Christian grouping, a necessity for "national consensus".

Dozens were injured on the streets of Beirut Sunday (December 15) in clashes between protesters and security forces.

These were the details of the news Lebanese president postpones consultations to select new PM for this day. The palace said Hariri had asked Aoun to allow for more time for discussions among political groups before official consultations.

Lebanon's foreign allies have urged the formation of a credible government that can enact swift reforms if it wants to receive global support. Lebanon's debt stands at $87 billion or 150 percent of GDP.

Lebanon is in the midst of an acute economic crisis, with the cost of living rising rapidly and with importers struggling to acquire goods such as fuel and wheat due to a dollar shortage.

Lebanon's economic woes, long in the making, have come to a head: Pressure has piled on the pegged Lebanese pound.