‘Bipartisan acquittal for President Donald Trump in impeachment trial’


Tulsi Gabbard, the Hawaii congresswoman and Democratic presidential candidate who controversially voted "present" on the question of impeaching President Donald Trump, defended her decision on Saturday by saying that she's concerned impeachment will cause "lasting damage" to America.

President Donald Trump fired off a stream of post-Christmas tweets Thursday blasting Democrats, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, and her San Francisco congressional district amid the impeachment impasse. During her first months in the campaign, before officially launching her candidacy, McGrath outstripped McConnell and other Democrats by almost $ 11 million.

Trump is impeachable if what he has been accused of are proven true, "but if those dots aren't connected and there are other explanations that I think are consistent with innocence, I will go that way too", he said.

Commenting on those remarks, Lisa Murkowski, Republican senator representing Alaska, said in an interview Tuesday with an NBC affiliate in Alaska she was "disturbed".

The actual impeachment trial in the Senate would need a two-thirds majority vote for a conviction.

Democrats want to hear from certain officials close to Trump who did not testify in the House impeachment inquiry.

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"That's just stupid", former Sen.

In her written statement, Gabbard added that she based her vote on what she felt was the right thing to do - not the political fallout. "I mean, what is the point?"

"I think the Speaker is doing everything she can to ensure that there is as fair and open and transparent a process as there can be, particularly given the weight of the evidence", Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Joe Kennedy said on CNN. "We're talking about her, and really we shouldn't spend any time talking about her".

'Thinking about what's politically advantageous, whether for me or for my party, does not enter into my mind around these decisions that have really great effect'. We are sent here to lead.

"I think we're all looking forward to that day (when President Trump is out of office), when we can put some of the current chaos and corruption and division behind us", said Buttigieg at a campaign stop in Iowa last week. "To not take a stand in a moment that is so consequential - I think it's quite hard".

Gabbard has previously talked about her intention to introduce a resolution censuring the president.