Indian-Americans hold rallies in Atlanta, Seattle in support of CAA


The protest, dubbed the "Million March", was organized by an umbrella group of Muslim and civil society organizations.

Bharatiya Janata Party national general secretary Ram Madhav on Friday accused the Opposition parties, particularly the Congress, of dividing the nation on communal lines by instigating the people to blindly oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

The Hyderabad protesters held placards with slogans including "Withdraw CAA immediately", and "India's only religion in Secularism".

Thousands of people in the capital city of Delhi braved the cold on New Year's Eve to mark their protests against a new citizenship law that allows only non-Muslim refugees to apply for citizenship.

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The Indian government invited numerous Bollywood stars and film industry personalities to a private gathering on Sunday in an effort to garner support for a new citizenship law that has triggered weeks of sometimes violent protests nationwide.

But, if combined with a proposed national registry of citizens, CAA critics fear that it discriminates against minority Muslims in India and ends with the secular constitution of India. Congress has also demanded that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal should convene a special Assembly session to clear his stand on NRC, NPR and CAA as well as the police crackdown on the students of Jamia University, who were protesting against the amendment law.

The new citizenship law and a proposed National Register of Citizens have brought thousands of protesters out in the streets in many cities and towns since Parliament approved the measure on December 11, leaving at least 23 dead in clashes between security forces and the protesters.

Elsewhere, protests against the CAA also went ahead in several other Indian cities on Saturday with hundreds turning out for protests in cities in the southern state of Karnataka.