Who Won 'Jeopardy!: The Greatest Of All Time Tournament' Night One?


The format will be a multi-, consecutive-night event, with the first contestant to wins three nights being declared the champion.

The Greatest of All Time" features three of the highest-money winners in the game show's history: "Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer. "I do feel like I'm back home".

The three champs will compete in two half-hour games, with two games airing back to back.

And Holzhauer won more than $2.7 million in his 32 appearances on the show.

Though Rutter was the favorite going into the evening, his score boomeranged up and down throughout the two games.

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Jennings and Holzhauer ended up in a one-on-one battle Tuesday night during the first round of the "Jeopardy!".

The victor of each match will be determined by the total score of both games, and the first to win three matches will win the $1 million prize. Holzhauer was just $200 shy with $63,200.

"I'm used to being the fastest person on Jeopardy! and then I play Brad or I play James or God forbid I have to play both at once and suddenly I'm like, 'Wait, I feel like a regular person out here.' Just incredibly daunting competition", Jennings, known for his record-breaking 74-game streak on the quiz show said. All three correctly answered the final question in the first game, which was on the first six words of the Gospel of John.

ESPN coverage producer James Quintong is a one-time JEOPARDY! champion - watch the video highlights above (from his December 8, 2005 episode) and below (from his December 7, 2005 game-winning episode) - and provides Front Row with this preview. Rutter, 41, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania worked at a records store before his "Jeopardy!" success. Rutter said that he felt as if he hadn't lost a step.

The second half of the hour-long program included a video tribute to Jennings' "Jeopardy!" career; similar homages to Holzhauer and Rutter will air in the coming days. "I've finished second place in a bunch of these tournaments".