Electronics Major Sony Showcases Electric Car Concept At CES 2020


Sony revealed the plan because it unveiled an electric concept vehicle with 33 embedded sensors, together with image sensors and stable state light detection and ranging (Lidar) sensors, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Monday.

No one was expecting Sony's progress towards mobility especially at the time when the competition in the consumer electronics segment has hotter up. The car's platform was created by Magna, with other pieces provided by such companies as Bosch, Genetex, and Continental.

Nearing the end of its on-stage event at CES, CEO Kenichiro Yoshida spoke about the company's involvement in the automotive market. Looks good no? It's called the Vision-S and is only a concept for now, but Sony says it "demonstrates the contribution it intends to make to realise a highly advanced autonomous driving society". There is bothering on its commercial production as of now. "This prototype incorporates Sony's imaging and sensing technologies", said Sony, "as well as on-board software regulated using Sony's AI, telecommunications and cloud technologies, in order to continuously update and evolve its features". We do know that the Vision-S has a pair of 200kW electric motors and can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds. You can use gesture controls to control it, and it can analyse the road in front of you. No, unfortunately Sony hasn't announced a flying vehicle in lieu of the Sony A7S III.

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The auto was co-developed with automotive supplier Magna Steyr, also known for the Toyota Supra, BMW Z4, Mercedes G-Class. It's possible that at this point the vehicle might become autonomous, with the sensors aiding in self-driving capabilities.

The four-seater sedan is packed with gizmos: it features a full-width display on the dashboard, complete with screens to render images captured by the exterior mirror-replacing cameras. But as more automakers delve into the world of technology, the show has become a place for vehicle manufacturers to showcase radical concepts, upcoming technology, or cool features.

We expected news of the PlayStation 5, some camera and audio tech reveals, but we didnt expect this – a prototype auto. There are also multiple widescreen displays and 360 audio built into the vehicle. And if the concept movie is to be believed, the Vision-S happily syncs with your Sony-built handheld and presumably the rest of your Sony-branded digital lifestyle ephemera.