Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX remake announced for Switch


We're getting some Pokemon news today. They have to help them find their way out, escort them to particular dungeon floors, or hunt for a specific item.

Pokemon Sword and Shield's first-ever selection of DLC was revealed during the January 9 Pokemon Direct press conference, but Game Freak have revealed a way for people to enjoy the new content without buying the expansion pass. Available on Nintendo Switch from March 6, Rescue Team DX stays faithful to the concept of turn-based exploration through randomly-generated dungeons. Once you're there, navigate to the train station and you should encounter one of two new characters.

It seems that they will give you a brand new Pokemon for just chatting to them: the brand new, and somehow even dopier, Galarian Slowpoke. The catch is that you can only transfer Pokemon that are in the Galar region Pokedex.

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At some point today, an update will arrive for Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you're new to Pokemon and don't know a lot about the newest titles, Dynamaxing and Gigantimaxing are the ability to enlarge your Pokemon in battle and using special moves. You can pre-purchase the expansion for your respective game version in the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch for $29.99 United States dollars. (. really?) As a part of that, you'll gain a new Legendary Fighting-type Pokemon, Kubfu, that can evolve into Urshifu, which has two different styles that appear to be tied to which version of the game you have.

The next DLC, titled "The Crown Tundra", is slated for a Fall 2020 release and will also add a new area to explore, a new psychic/grass-type Legendary Pokemon (Calyrex), and new clothes/accessories.

What did you think of the Direct? In case you're wondering, the Galarian Pokedex was not updated yet: it will not count as a new entry.