Sony unveils PS5 but the big surprise is yet to come


We have already confirmed the use of an solid-state drive.

In the wake of the PlayStation 5 logo and features reveal at Sony's press conference at CES 2020, the hype for the next generation of console gaming just skyrocketed even more.

Jim Ryan then talks about the features of PS5 citing 3D audio, the SSD instead of the traditional mechanical hard disk and the new controller with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

"The CEO also elaborated on what it feels like to overthrow the brand new PS5 control, the DualShock 5, including that playing Gran Turismo Sport With the approaching gamepad is similar to a" entirely different experience", therefore excellent to use, "You cannot return to the first [DualShock 4]" later setting it on your own.

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"I was able to experience a good run with my existing controller, but if I experience the fine road surface with haptic control and the control with adaptive trigger, I cannot return to the original", he explained. So far, the company and its execs have revealed some interesting specs but have also kept some of the biggest and most intriguing features so as to surprise players at a later time.

Furthermore, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has talked in detail about how important it is for the manufacturer to maintain consistency with its current product, so we'd expect it to adopt the same general format, with branding at the top and on the spine. "We have a duty to keep them happy, interested, and engrossed".

Sony The official PlayStation 5 logo was revealed at CES 2020. That is very important and we have an obligation to those users. Well, for one, we're waiting to see what the PlayStation 5 will actually look like. He is suggesting that PlayStation 4 support will not immediately cease when the PS5 launching, which makes sense. There was reasonable ground for that decision, but these days I do not think that was a good idea. "It was a decision made after much debate, but there may have been other options".

"There are still more unique elements to PS5 compared to previous game consoles". But more unique features?