Student Protests In Iran Universities Continue For A Third Day


One of the scenes of a demonstration was Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, where people gathered at a vigil for the victims of the plane crash.

Hassan Roheimi said that officers had been ordered to "show restraint", in a statement carried by Iran's state broadcaster.

Videos posted late on Sunday recorded the gunfire around protests in Tehran's Azadi Square. One video showed riot police gathered near Vali-e Asr Square.

Protesters were also filmed on Sunday chanting "Death to the dictator", referring to Khameini. State-affiliated media reported the protests on Saturday and Sunday in Tehran and other cities, without giving such details.

Mr. Champagne said visas have been approved for six additional members of the team now stationed in Ankara, Turkey, as well as for two experts from the Transportation Safety Board, saying that they will travel to Iran on Monday.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab condemned the arrest and said Iran "can continue its march towards pariah status. or take steps to de-escalate tensions" with diplomacy.

Iran initially claimed the plane crashed last Wednesday, killing all 176 on board, due to engine failure, but over the weekend admitted that it had been shot down after being mistaken for a hostile aircraft.

Fox said that the black boxes might be transported outside of Iran for their analysis, given the technical challenges involved with accessing the data in a damaged recorder. All 176 passengers and crew members on board were killed. Most, if not all, of the Canadians were reported to be of Iranian origin or dual nationals.

President Donald Trump, who has expressed support for past waves of anti-government demonstrations in Iran, addressed the country's leaders in a tweet, saying "DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS".

Amnesty International estimated that some 300 people were killed by Iranian security forces as they suppressed nationwide protests.

On the diplomatic front, Britain summoned Iran's ambassador to London after its Tehran envoy was briefly arrested for allegedly attending Saturday night's demonstration.

Chinese health officials investigating Wuhan pneumonia cases amid SARS rumours
Singapore asked doctors to look out for suspected cases of pneumonia among people who have recently returned from Wuhan . A team of experts from the National Health Commission is in Wuhan to carry out tests, state broadcaster CCTV said.

The plane disappeared from the radar after rising 7,000 feet, Abedzadeh said, stressing that no distress call had been received from the pilot before the crash.

Britain denounced the arrest as a "violation of global law".

He said that despite the qualification of Iran's national team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after years of efforts, "there is no energy left in our sad and desperate souls to celebrate".

"This was an unacceptable breach of the Vienna Convention and it needs to be investigated", the spokesman said on January 13.

"As we've seen again in previous tragedies, people, families are put to expenses they just couldn't have anticipated", Tory said.

Iran's latest showdown with the U.S. has come at a precarious time for the authorities in Tehran and their allies across the Middle East, when sanctions imposed by Trump have caused deep harm to the Iranian economy.

As for the Iranian people, they appear poised to resist if need be.

The Iranian government meanwhile denied there had been a cover-up.

"Actually, I couldn't care less if they negotiate".

"They are lying that our enemy is America, our enemy is right here", one group of protesters chanted outside a university in Tehran, according to video posted on Twitter.

Iran's admission its military shot down a civilian passenger jet, killing 57 Canadians must be the start of a process to take responsibility not the end, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Saturday.