Waterloo family part of viral Family Feud moment


"Oh, my Gooooood", one family member gasped.

When host Gerry Dee posed the question, "Name Popeye's favorite food", Dubois, intensely sure of herself, buzzed in before Dee had even finished the question and emphatically answered, "chicken!".

A Lorette, Man., family lost their chance at a second $10,000 prize after a wrong answer on Canada's version of "Family Feud" on Thursday - and the clip quickly went viral. A response based on the popular fried chicken restaurant chain. But instead of giving the answer for the famous cartoon sailor - spinach - her mind went to the fast food chain known for a much different meal.

To be fair, with the amount of media coverage that damn chicken sandwich got, who can fault her?

Stephanie Dubois, Eve's mother, said the whole experience was "amazing" and the family is taking Eve's mistake with a solid dose of humour.

The host immediately put his head on the podium.

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Logan White of Waterloo, Ontario, who appeared on the show with his wife and fellow contestant, Alyssa Tomlin-White, gave the correct answer of 'spinach'. Dee turned to the board to see if, by some chance, "Chicken" was the top answer. The family were contestants on Family Feud Canada. And it was at that moment, that Dee shouted, "Show me chicken!" and Dubois was shown the big red X.

"The real tragedy of this video is that only 54 of 100 people said spinach in the actual survey", wrote another.

Dubois buzzes in nearly immediately, giving her answer with full confidence and a confident, shimmy-type dance.

After the hilarious game-show fail went viral, Popeye's issued a tweet, telling the family to send a DM to claim $10,000 worth of Popeye's food.

Although the on-air goof may have caused some embarrassment, Dubois will walk away with $10,000 worth of Popeyes after catching the eye of Popeyes Chicken. Only one answer. Whoever gets it, you're playing for $10,000.

She also graciously accepted Popeyes' offer.