Trump impeachment - what happens next?


Speaker Pelosi will meet with the House Democratic caucus early Tuesday to prepare for the formal vote required to send the two articles of impeachment passed by the House on to the Senate, as early as this week.

"We're still talking, and I think the discussions have been going well", Collins told reporters, saying she strongly favored the approach taken during the impeachment trial of former President Bill Clinton, a Democrat. Lindsey Graham of SC, has already predicted that the trial would end "in a matter of days".

"I didn't get elected to have Nancy Pelosi play games, which is all she's doing", U.S. Senator Rick Scott said on Fox News on Sunday.

The Senate now has 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats and two independents who usually vote with the Democrats. "Certainly, there aren't 51 votes for a motion to dismiss".

"I think the president is making clear that the Democrats have been parroting Iranian talking points and nearly taking the side of terrorists and those who are out to kill the Americans", Grisham replied. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., a member of leadership, said.

The impeachment charges stem from Trump's request that Ukraine investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, a leading contender for the Democratic nomination to face Trump in the November 3 presidential election.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said the trial likely would begin January 21.

Pelosi censured McConnell for signaling that he is not interested in fully considering the House's charges in the Senate that will nearly certainly result in Trump's acquittal. "The House knowingly, knowingly declined to spend time on legal battles and due process that it would have needed to pursue certain avenues, but now after declining to fight their own fight, they want the senate to precommit ourselves to wage the potentially protracted legal battles on their behalf.", McConnell said on Monday.

Bolton's remarks, recalled by witnesses in the House Investigation, could cut off several testimonies.

Trump swiftly signaled his intention of blocking any testimony from John Bolton, the brash former national security adviser who could be a wildcard witness in the trial.

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"To be using this for a flawless phone call, where the president of that country said there was no pressure whatsoever - did not even know what we were talking about".

"I expect that barring some kind of surprise", said Mr Romney, "I'll be voting in favour of hearing from witnesses after those opening arguments".

McConnell signed onto a resolution sponsored by Sen.

In a US presidential impeachment trial, the senators act as a jury in proceedings overseen by the head of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Roberts.

"In an impeachment trial, every Senator takes an oath to do 'impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws,"' Pelosi wrote. Trump pays close attention to a conspiracy theory pushed by his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani about Biden and his son Hunter Biden, who served on the board of a gas company in Ukraine while his father was vice president.

Trump and his Republican allies have attacked the impeachment effort as illegitimate. The claims against the Bidens are unfounded. Only four GOP senators could form a majority with Democrats to insist on new statements.

Trump suggested simply dismissing the charges over the weekend, rather than legitimizing Parliament's charges, which he sees as "hoaxes".

The Senate is expected to vote to acquit Trump even though some moderate Republicans have bristled over McConnell's reflexive support for the president.

Collins is pushing to have at least the promise of witness votes included in the organizing resolution. You and the others seem to be gathering support.