Israeli army denies involvement in killing of Qassem Soleimani - Middle East matters


Esper did state that he agreed with President Donald Trump's assessment that Iran would "probably" strike one of the US embassies.

Trump has defended the targeted killing of the Iranian general, saying he posed an imminent threat to the USA because he was plotting attacks on us embassies.

"The Fake News Media and their Democrat Partners are working hard to determine whether or not the future attack by terrorist Soleimani was "imminent" or not, & was my team in agreement" tweeted Trump.

In the last fortnight, several Iranian-Americans told Middle East Eye that the scale of vitriol directed at Iran, by both United States lawmakers and media alike, had left them feeling vulnerable.

Trump ordered the drone strikes that targeted Lieutenant General Soleimani, chief of the IRGC's Quds Force, and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the second-in-command of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) as well as eight other companions on January 3. Who are celebrating the death of Soleimani? Reform, greater freedom and a more positive relationship with the United States could emerge from the current regime weakening or being overthrown, but is also at least as likely that that development would bring about greater violence, repression and instability in Iran, which would spill over into more violence targeted at the USA and our interests in the region.

Anti-U.S. rhetoric has only grown in Iran since the death of Soleimani.

Soleimani was undoubtedly planning other potentially deadly operations against American interests as he had for decades, the officials said.

Although Iran and the USA have had longtime tense relations, the strikes against the United States marks the most direct attack since the Iranian hostage crisis, as most previous attacks have taken place through proxy forces. On December 27, a USA civilian contractor was killed and several American troops and Iraqi personnel were wounded in a rocket attack that targeted an Iraqi military base in Kirkuk.

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The incident sparked outrage across the globe, and ignited new anti-government protests across Iran.

In a statement, Collins said Kaine's resolution would let Trump respond to aggression from a hostile nation or repel an attack.

He cited the resumption of lethal military aid to Ukraine for defense against Russia-backed separatists, Trump's withdrawal from an arms control accord with Moscow and tests of a new USA intermediate-range cruise missile. It was disputed days later by Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who said he'd seen no such evidence - though the president maintained Monday that there was no contradiction in their comments.

The House on Thursday rebuked the president by passing a resolution, mostly along party lines, that would stop Trump from further military action against Iran.

"The root of all sorrows goes back to America ... this can not be a reason for us not to look into all the root causes", Rouhani asserted. Following the threats, Esper responded by saying the US would "follow the laws of armed conflict".

Trump tweeted the fake image Monday morning.

"I've issued directives that have taken a number of important steps that increased the vetting of all foreign students, not just Saudis, but all foreign students coming to our programs that improve the credentialing of those students", Esper said.

Trump's comments come after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo doubled down on the president's claims that embassies were Soleimani's targets. "We always have and we always will".