John Bolton and publisher deny 'coordination' of book manuscript leak


The NY Times story has it that the president's statement - through Bolton's lens, might undermine the whole of POTUS Trump's impeachment defence, the essential element of which being that suspension of aid and request to investigate ex-Vice President Biden and his son, who worked in Ukraine, for presumed corruption were not in any way connected. In his new book, Bolton reportedly claims that Trump did tie the withholding of military aid to Ukraine to an investigation of the Bidens.

"So it's hard to argue, 'We don't want to hear the evidence, ' particularly when they say, 'We should hear from more direct witnesses who talked to the president, but we're not going to allow them to be called'".

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer called the revelation of the Bolton claim "stunning".

As the Senate returned for its first full day of 2020 to news that Bolton would honor a subpoena early this month, Republicans in the Capitol were insinuating that Bolton might have ulterior motives for offering to testify, according to the two Republican aides in leadership.

Bolton's lawyer told the New York Times he submitted the manuscript to the White House on December 30 to be reviewed for possible classified information, blamed the leak on someone there outside of the review process.

He writes that he raised concerns about Rudolph W. Giuliani's efforts in Ukraine with Attorney General William P. Barr after Trump's July call with Ukraine's president - despite the Justice Department saying Barr learned about the call in mid-August. "In fact, he never complained about this at the time of his very public termination", Mr. Trump tweeted on Monday.

A Bolton aide said he had not given the manuscript to anyone else besides the White House for review. Bolton said he quit. Trump has the Senate Republicans on a leash, and he commands the party with nearly total authority because the rank-and-file voters love him and he can threaten any Senate dissenters with political death.

Since the GOP holds a 53-47 majority, at least four Republicans would need to side with Democrats-if every Democrat votes for witnesses-in order for any witnesses to be called.

Bolton says Trump wanted to tie Ukraine aid to probe: Report

At one point, Schiff played a video of the news conference in Helsinki, Finland, where Trump appeared side-by-side with Putin and endorsed Putin's denial of charges of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections (for which not a shred of evidence has been provided, despite claims to the contrary by USA intelligence agencies and the corporate media). The book, the existence of which wasn't even confirmed before Sunday, ships March 17 with a hardcover price of $32.50.

The attorney for Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, who has also been eyed by Democrats for testimony, on Monday denied that he ever had a conversation indicating Ukraine aid was withheld in exchange for a Biden investigation.

The team laid out the broad outlines of its defense in a rare Saturday session, at which they accused House Democrats of using the impeachment case to try to undo the results of the last presidential election and drive Trump from office.

The House managers added: "Americans know that a fair trial must include both the documents and witnesses blocked by the President - that starts with Mr. Bolton". Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), meanwhile, argued the timing of the report feels like an attempt to influence the witness vote; he still thinks it's a "bunch of hearsay" at the moment. He did not confirm or deny the Times' reporting of the contents of Bolton's book.

"John Bolton's relevance to our decision has become increasingly clear", GOP Sen. By comparison, only 34 percent of those surveyed in the same poll in January 2016 said they were "extremely interested" in the election Trump would go on to win.

House Democrats asked Bolton to testify on November 7.

"We have a witness with firsthand evidence of the president's actions for which he is on trial", he continued.

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