Facebook now lets users delete activity data it collects from other sites


Once you are in, you will be able to see all the apps that are sharing your information with Facebook and you may either clear them all or manage the off-Facebook activity.

Facebook announced an update to its Ad Library that increases transparency for political ads and gives users more control over ...

Created to improve transparency, Off-Facebook Activity provides information about data that third-party businesses share with Facebook.

The tool has three key functions: showing the list of sites/apps and the interactions they have shared with Facebook (from the news you read to the product you opened at Myntra/Flipkart), disconnecting that data history, and managing future interactions. Scroll down until you see the section called "Your Facebook Information".

"Off-Facebook Activity" shows users just how much of their online movement is being monitored by the network. It's called Off-Facebook Activity, and it's part of the company's effort to appear more privacy-friendly to its users.

Facebook had a strong fourth quarter, making more money on advertising and adding more users despite challenges around regulation, privacy and efforts to fight election interference.

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To access your off-Facebook data, you need to head over to this link.

Facebook said that about 2.89 billion people use at least one of its services - Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger - each month. Note that Facebook doesn't actually delete that data.

"These ads are what make most of the internet available free of charge, including Facebook", the tech behemoth writes in an explainer web page. It doesn't sell that information to third parties, but it does use it to help them target ads.

When you clear History, Facebook tells you that it'll keep getting data from the sites you visit when you're not on Facebook.

If you want to you can turn off this tracking in the future. It's just that the two separate piles of data Facebook gets will not be connected, which is all the control over your data that Facebook is ready to relinquish. If "you don't have an account with us, we can't identify you based on it", says Facebook spokeswoman Catherine Anderson. A warning is displayed to users who click on the turn-off option that doing so will prevent the user from "logging into apps and websites with Facebook". Then select "Settings" and "Your Facebook Information". Click on "More options" and then "Manage Future Activity".