Japan urges citizens not to travel to China because of virus


And it's not just the US, either-the search term for "corona beer virus" has popped up in many countries, especially in seemingly random, far-flung places like Finland and New Zealand.

Corona beer, however, has absolutely nothing to do with it.

According to data from Google trends, "beer coronavirus" searches have increased substantially around the world since January 18. Since the virus broke out in Wuhan - a city of 11 million people - last month, it has spread to every region of China and at least 25 other countries, killing at least 213 people and infecting just under 10,000, mostly in China.

Realeboga Mashiane, a twitter user, threw some light over this epidemic of ignorance by tweeting an image that clearly illustrated the difference between the two coronas.

Top searches include "What is coronavirus" and "How to prevent coronavirus".

Corona Extra states it arouses clients to not connect its beer into the mortal Wuhan coronavirus in China, as hunt tendency data indicated people were anxious. Seventeen countries have reported cases of the coronavirus including Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Canada, US, France and Germany with some suspected cases in India too, reported NDTV.

There is no indication of a drop in Corona Beer sales.

Getty Images | Stringer
Getty Images | Stringer

In an exclusive interview with Business Insider, Corna Extra beer confirmed that there is no link between the beer and the virus.

But why is the virus named so you ask? If the only time they've encountered the word "corona" is in reference to the popular cerveza, perhaps they can be forgiven for associating the bug with the beverage.

And while many fear they will become infected by the newly identified strain of coronavirus, dubbed 2019-nCoV, the infection does surprisingly seem to favour certain demographics, according to the most detailed study to date. Two of the more severe forms are MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV, both of which could lead to pneumonia.

Respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

According to a BBC report, the infection is hard to spot and stop because only an estimated one in five cases will result in "severe symptoms" which means people can spread the infection without having any symptoms or without knowing they have the infection.

Google also shared that the name had caused a spike in search traffic about the Mexican beer had experienced a surge in the past week.

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