Trump lawyers conclude Senate defense with call for acquittal


Even with acquittal seemingly assured, the Democrats prosecuting U.S. President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial unleashed a blistering attack on him on Monday with a forceful appeal for conviction, calling him a man with no ethical compass who must be removed from office to protect American democracy. But the vote tallies on each article of impeachment were not settled.

By yesterday, this Trump's-guilty-but-we-don't-care contingent had grown to a size that would've been hard to predict when the impeachment trial first began a few weeks ago - when the principal Republican line was that the charges against the president were baseless. "I think that he could have done it in different channels", she told CNN.

"But it's not too late for us to honor ours".

"Today, you have a duty to perform with fidelity, not without a sense of surrounding dangers, but also not without hope".

The managers proved that what the president did was wrong, Manchin said on the one hand.

In conclusion, he is "struggling" with a final decision for Wednesday's vote. The motion was defeated 51-49, with only two Republican Senators voting in favor of allowing new documents and witnesses in the Senate trial.

Representative Adam Schiff wrapped up closing arguments for the seven House of Representatives lawmakers who prosecuted Trump in the historic proceedings after the Republican president's lawyers in their own arguments called the case against him politically motivated, reckless and baseless.

Starr suggested that the House impeachment vote was carried out in a "hopelessly partisan" manner and implied that it was invalid in light of prior impeachment inquiries against former Presidents Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon-who resigned before an impeachment vote could be cast by the House-and Andrew Johnson. "Sources close to the President say Trump is likely to stick to his insistence that his conduct was 'perfect'".

He said voters in next November's national election, when Trump is running for a second term in the White House, should decide his fate.

He was impeached for abuse of power over pressure on Ukraine to open investigations including into a leading Democratic challenger, Joe Biden.

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"If the Ukrainians didn't know about the pause, there was no leverage implied", he said on the floor, referring to a claim that Zelensky and other officials didn't know about a hold on military aid.

"The House violated every principle of due process and fundamental fairness in a way the [impeachment] hearings", said Trump legal counsel Patrick Philbin. Why didn't the House do its job?

"If the president was upset with what the Bidens were doing in Ukraine, he should've called the (U.S.) attorney general", William Barr, Alexander said.

It's not clear if the acquittal vote will be bipartisan.

The actions are being organized by a diverse coalition of progressive groups-including By the People, Common Cause, Greenpeace, Indivisible, NextGen America, Public Citizen, Sierra Club, Stand Up America, Stand Up Republic, Women's March, and others-and are meant to make sure that Republicans understand their votes to acquit will not be forgotten come national elections later this year.

Trump released the aid in September after a 55-day delay without Zelenskiy opening the Biden investigations, proof, Republicans say, he had no quid pro quo deal with Ukraine.

Why it matters: Most Americans believe that the articles of impeachment against Trump are accurate, but they remain divided on whether they justify his removal from office. "I don't think it does". "I shouldn't have done that, shouldn't have done it that way, '" Alexander told NBC.

"I'm going to vote to acquit".

Jones said he wants "to hear the arguments and some conversations from colleagues" before he makes up his mind.

After Senators decided Friday that they did not need to hear from further witnesses, the impeachment trial will resume Monday with closing arguments by the House impeachment managers. " Asked Hakeem Jeffries of NY".