Astronaut Christina Koch reunited with her dog after year in space


The 41-year-old space explorer shared a video of the moment she was reunited with her dog after her 328-day stay at the International Space Station. She also said it's good to be back home and she is enjoying her favourite things from food to hanging out at the beach. None other than her dog.

Meanwhile, NASA astronaut Christina Koch just stepped back onto the planet after 328 days on the International Space Station, breaking the record for longest continual spaceflight for a woman during her ISS residency.

There's a lotta tail wagging, overjoyed jumping, hugs, and - OK we would like some tissues now, please and thank you.

Koch's almost 11-months in orbit set the record for the longest spaceflight by a woman.

It's clear her adorable doggo is ecstatic to finally have her home. As the pooch smothered her with love and affection, giving kisses, Koch too was overwhelmed to see the dog's reaction.

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Koch returned to Earth on the Soyuz crew ship, which touched down in the desert in Kazakhstan.

Sharing the special occasion on Twitter, the NASA engineer and astronaut wrote, "Glad she remembers me after a year!"

"Not sure who was more excited", Koch posted with the video. The record spaceflight saw Koch participate in more than 200 scientific investigations, including a look at how such a long term in space physically affects a woman. Kevin Moffat, who specializes in human physiology in extreme environments, told Business Insider.

Christina Koch obtained a spacewalk selfie in January 2020. "I can not wait to feel and hear Earth again".