Quebecois couple on quarantined cruise ship in Japan test positive for coronavirus


The United States will evacuate Americans from the cruise ship that has been quarantined for more than a week in Japan due to coronavirus infections on board, the United States Embassy in Tokyo told Americans aboard the ship on Saturday.

A bus arrives at the cruise ship Diamond Princess, where dozens of passengers were tested positive for coronavirus, at Daikoku Pier Cruise Terminal in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, Japan.

Smith also said the US government's decision to impose a weight limit on the luggage taken aboard the evacuation flight to about 30 kilograms per passenger is a problem.

Jackie and Ricky Kineavy of East Weymouth are now being quarantined on a Diamond Princess cruise ship off the coast of Yokohama, Japan, amid a Coronavirus outbreak onboard.

Diane, 73, and Bernard Menard, 75, are confined to their cabin and awaiting transportation by ambulance to a military hospital where they will be kept in isolation until they no longer test positive for the virus, Chantal Menard told The Canadian Press in an interview. The letter reads that a chartered aircraft, set to arrive in Japan on Sunday would repatriate those who wished to leave the Diamond Princess.

Roe said he has been in contact with Dr. Arnold Hopland, a physician from Elizabethton, Tenn., who is aboard the ship. It was quarantined after a passenger who de-boarded last month in Hong Kong was found to be the carrier of the deadly virus on the ship.

Officials say the passengers were driven to Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan, where the US government provided a chartered aircraft to bring them to either the Travis Air Force Base in California or the Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

The Diamond Princess, owned by Carnival Corp., went into quarantine on February 3, after a man who disembarked in Hong Kong was diagnosed with the virus two weeks ago.

Passengers and crew who test positive for the coronavirus will not return to the USA on Sunday's charter flight.

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Reported illnesses have ranged from people with little to no symptoms to people becoming severely ill and dying. That is compared to 19 million cases of influenza in the US , and more than 10 thousand deaths this flu season.

Japan has had 53 cases of the coronavirus, apart from those on the ship, NHK reported, with one of only four deaths from the virus outside mainland China in Japan.

The moves come amid growing concerns for the safety of passengers and crew as coronavirus infections on the Diamond Princess continue to rise.

Passengers, including newlyweds from North Texas Tyler and Rachel Torres, have been quarantined on the ship since February 5 and remained in their rooms until Wednesday. Passengers were screened by Cambodian health officials before they were allowed to disembark.

Everyone will get a checkup before being allowed on the chartered flight, and those who show symptoms of sickness will not be permitted to board the plane, according to the embassy.

About 380 Americans are on the cruise ship.

"From firsthand accounts, we are concerned about the existing level of care available on the ship, particularly to the 428 United States citizens aboard, as well as the national security concerns posed by reported quarantine conditions", the lawmakers wrote, according to The Post.

As of Friday, 218 people, both passengers and crew, had tested positive for the new coronavirus.

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