Biden campaign redeploys staff to South Carolina, Nevada


Sanders has since changed his position, co-sponsoring legislation to repeal the protections for gun manufacturers. "So, people should not be counting Joe Biden out of the race yet", Reid said.

"Almost every parent's dream, especially immigrants, is for their children to access higher education".

"I've been attacked by the media establishment, I've been attacked by the corporate establishment, I've been attacked by the Republican establishment, I've been attacked by the Democratic establishment, and they're nervous", Sanders said. Biden touted his idea to add a "public option" to existing health insurance markets.

In a speech in Carson City, Nevada, Sanders spent most of his time lacerating billionaire and former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who is spending hundreds of millions of his own money on ads.

Mr Bloomberg implemented "racist policies like stop and frisk" in NY, and opposed the minimum wage and higher taxes on the wealthy during the Obama administration, Mr Sanders said.

Buttigieg says America should have politics that welcomes everybody and that "I'm not going to be lectured on family values from the like of Rush Limbaugh, or anybody who supports Donald J. Trump as the moral as well as the political leader of the United States".

It was a rare attack by name from Sanders.

Despite Bloomberg's surge, Democratic voters expressed scepticism when asked who is most likely to win the nomination, the release said. After a fourth-place finish in Iowa and fifth place in New Hampshire, the remaining early contests in Nevada and SC have taken on even greater urgency for the former vice president.

High school principal placed on leave after Kobe Bryant post
But when you are a public figure and people look up to you and you are the principal of a school full of kids and you say something like that?

TINA HERBERT: I'm looking at electability, and I'm looking at him and which of the candidates I think when it comes to being on the opposite side of Trump will likely potentially pull the independent voters, maybe pull some of the Republican voters who are totally exhausted of Trump. Clinton carried Nevada in 2016, but Sanders won in Washoe County, which includes Reno and Sparks. The good news, she said, is she would "persist".

Two U.S. Democratic presidential candidates said on Sunday they would welcome the chance to square off against billionaire Michael Bloomberg if he qualifies for the next debate in Nevada.

Blutreich attended the rally with Mary Hunter Russell, also a UNC student, who said she was undecided. Today, she lamented, women have an even harder time finding affordable child care. The President of the United States was Barack Obama and the Governor of MA was Deval Patrick, both Democrats.

JALEN ELROD: Pete Buttigieg, to his credit, he worked at it.

The casino workers' Culinary Union, a 60,000-member group made up of housekeepers, porters, bartenders and more who keep Las Vegas' glitzy casinos humming, said Thursday that it will instead use its organizing power to get out the vote for the caucuses. But he isn't sure Bernie Sanders appeals to a broad enough spectrum of voters to beat President Trump and doesn't think Elizabeth Warren has proven she's viable. "Our votes count, too", he said.

If Biden continues to fade, where will black voters go? On that ballot was a rookie named Liz Warren, and she sat on a cushion of support provided by the voters who were going to the polls to reelect President Obama and the other local Democrats. She said he has flip-flopped on Medicare for All, which neither of them support. Lindsy Judd says her family now has no health insurance because it's too expensive. "They know me. They know who I am".

"When you have three or four candidates in that same lane, math becomes a problem", said Harold Schaitberger, general president of the International Association of Firefighters and a Biden loyalist, who admits being "disappointed" by Biden's bad performances and Sanders' rise.