Is the Modi govt embarrassed of Ahmedabads paan-stained walls?


US President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit India on 24-25 February.

Trump, along with Melania Trump, will make his first visit to India next week where he will inaugurate the stadium, which has been undergoing construction. India and U.S. were negotiating a trade package to resolve bilateral issues but could not conclude on a mutually acceptable ground. Though the people of Ahmedabad had witnessed the visits of Chinese President and Japanese Prime Minister in recent past, but the visit of US President is much different from previous. "We expect several senior members of the US Cabinet to accompany the President", he said. A report in an Indian news website said that paan shops in Ahmedabad were being sealed by authorities so that Trump couldn't see the area's dirty walls and streets.

Staff assemble a wall in entrance of a slum forward of President Donald Trump's go to, in Ahmadabad, India.

Trade tensions between the two countries have escalated since the Trump administration levied tariffs on steel and aluminium from India. After spending about 30-45 minutes touring the monument, they will depart for New Delhi.

The Supreme Court has banned fuel-run vehicles around 500 meter of the Taj Mahal - an issue that is believed to have led to US Secret Service red-flagging President Barack Obama's visit to the Taj Mahal in 2015.

Trump will attend an event called "Namaste Trump", which translates to "Greetings, Trump", at a cricket stadium in the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

An Indian man takes a selfie with portraits of U.S. President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi painted on a wall ahead of Trump's visit

We are preparing well for Donald Trump's visit.

Since Trump took office in 2017, long-standing trade differences between the world's biggest democracies have come to the fore, with Trump calling India the tariff king.

The event follows Modi's trip to the September during which he walked hand-in-hand with the US president at a rock-concert like affair at a Houston football stadium.

Krishna isn't the only Indian who displays his strong feelings for Trump.

Around 19 artists will be performing the "Shankhnaad" as soon as Mr Trump emerges out of Air Force One, the official aircraft of the U.S. president, on their arrival.

Ms Melania Trump as well, in her tweet said that she is excited about the India trip which will celebrate close ties between the United States of America and India.

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