Quaden Bayles: Sick scammers set up fake GoFundMe pages


Kind messages have poured out across the globe after footage of a 9-year-old Australian boy sobbing when his mom, Yarraka Bayles, discovered a bullying incident at school went viral this week, his family said.

Williams, who actually has the same condition as Quaden, has been an outspoken advocate for the boy on social media, even creating a GoFundMe page to send the bullied boy and his family to Disney.

Soon, the effort had blown past the $10,000 goal, and Williams said he was fielding more offers to help than he could manage on his own.

"They're all his uncles; [he's] related to majority so they've always been there, but ... we could never have dreamt in our wildest dreams that it would've gone worldwide". Many worldwide were grief-stricken to see the child crying hysterically and saying he wanted a knife to kill himself.

According to her, she said her son started saying he wants to die after she picked him up at school and witnessed a student mocking him.

Quaden Bayles and his family are overwhelmed by all of the support they've gained since the heartbreaking video went viral.

Quaden, who could not be reached by ABC News, has also been befriended by a rugby team, the Indigenous All-Stars, and invited to lead them onto the field at their match in Queensland on Saturday. I truthfully really did not assume he would certainly also recognize what or just how at 6 years of ages, ' she stated.

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"He's got to go find his footy boots and make sure that he's fit and healthy to do the honours tomorrow".

His offer of support follows other sports stars such as NRL player Latrell Mitchell coming forward to speak up for Quaden. And it's all thanks to you! His mother, who clicked the video, revealed in an interview with SBS that he has attempted suicide multiple times before.

She said Quaden described the journey from his terrible day at school to the global display of love as "going from the worst day of his life to the best day of his life".

"It doesn't matter if you have children or not, to see these images is heartbreaking", Thurston said.

After covering the costs of his trip, the remaining funds will be donated to anti-bullying charities. "The parents should make them be nicer to kids with disabilities", said Quaden.

'Just got off a FaceTime chat with young Quaden he is In really great spirits today, I also spoke with his mother Yarraka about offering young Quaden some one on one boxing sessions and she loves the idea, ' Mr Dib shared wrote. You've got more friends than you know.

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