Sinn Féin and Greens to hold series of policy talks


The Irish Taoiseach has tendered his resignation to the Irish President following the inconclusive result of the recent general election.

Varadkar, the first open gay leader in Ireland, presented his resignation as taoiseach, or prime minister, to President Michael Higgins after the first session of the lower house of Ireland's parliament since the February 8 elections, which radically reformed the landscape political.

The negotiating team have appealed to other parties and Independent TDs that they have met in recent days to back Sinn Fein leader Ms McDonald in the Dail vote for Taoiseach taking place today.

Fianna Fail also held 37, and Varadkar's Fine Gael party carried 35.

"If they can not, they should say so and be upfront and honest about their failure, and the empty promises they made". He's due to travel to Washington, D.C., next month for the traditional St. Patrick's Day visit to the White House by Ireland's leader.

Fianna Fail's Micheal Martin has begun seeking to form a coalition government but has ruled out governing with Sinn Fein, the left wing pro-Irish unity party which surged at the poll and has an equal number of seats in the fractured parliament. With no party winning an overall majority, talks are ongoing to form a coalition government.

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She has hit out at Fianna Fail and Fine Gael for what she described as their plan to "carve-up political power and to block change is a rejection of what people voted for".

"We will meet early next week, and on foot of that I'll brief the parliamentary party and speak to them whether there is any basis for going forward", he said.

"You voted for a government for change and that is what Sinn Féin is determined to deliver". "It will be a shortened trip this year in any case because if still in office I'll need to return to the March meeting of the European Council which will be one of the most important in recent memory", Varadkar said.

'If they can not, they should say so and be upfront and honest about their failure, and the empty promises they made'.

With a quadrupling of their seats in the election, the party has now gained speaking rights and will have a much greater influence in the formation of the next Government.

He received the backing of 41 lawmakers in Thursday's contest.