Biden Confident of Win in SC


It is hugely important for Biden, who has effectively staked his entire campaign on tomorrow's primary in SC, where about 60 per cent of the Democratic electorate is black.

"That's our biggest problem of my members". Why should I vote?' We'll deal with that as well. That candidate is the septuagenarian, Jewish Brooklynite-turned-Green Mountain democratic socialist Bernie Sanders. State Democrats are warning not to expect the 60% black turnout that propelled Hillary Clinton to victory in 2016, partly because none of the campaigns have created much voter enthusiasm, and partly because more white Democrats have moved to the state in recent years.

Mike Bloomberg suggested he won't spend money to support Bernie Sanders if the Vermont senator becomes the Democratic presidential nominee, days after an aide to Sanders said they would reject the help.

Clyburn pointed to the past presidential bid of Democratic nominee and liberal George McGovern in 1972 in which there was a lot of "excitement" but ultimately McGovern ended up only winning one state - MA - and the District of Columbia in the general election.

"I said that I would help, I'm going to keep our campaign offices, the main ones anyways, open until november 3", Bloomberg added.

"You've got to be able to win over voters of color and that is in California, Texas, North Carolina", he said.

"I'm looking forward to appointing the first African-American woman to the United States Senate", Biden, a former US senator, said. Combine that with the majority of nine states where he leads, and Sanders is the clear front runner. I said back six months ago that I thought that Biden wouldn't be the nominee. In South Carolina, black voters are crucial, and Biden had one of his best debate performances of the cycle Tuesday night.

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"At the Las Vegas debate ... you declined to really challenge Senator Sanders". According to NBC News, Biden has about 500 staffers on the ground in Super Tuesday states, compared with 1,300 for Warren, 1,000 for Sanders and at least 950 for Bloomberg.

This is in sharp contrast to U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Howland, a Biden supporter, who has said Sanders and U.S. Sen.

To date, the moderate lane has been crowded with four options, each of whom believes in their hearts that they are the most capable of going head-to-head with a rising Bernie Sanders. Warren likely won't sniff many delegates, either, as she also hopes for a "strong" fourth-place finish.

Those who vote by mail are encouraged to bring their completed ballots as the event will provide booths to drop them off. In each of the last three elections, the losing general-election candidate won his or her home state by a narrower margin than one of their opponents.

The state Board of Elections said their names remain on the ballot because the candidates did not provide the required notice of withdrawal before the ballots were printed and absentee voting began in January. The same poll found Tom Steyer and Pete Buttigieg tied for third with 13% each.

Nationally, though, Sanders holds a double-digit edge. "I think the more attention they pay to that - Bloomberg in his ads, Bernie in his speeches - is generally a good thing". They're splitting the non-Sanders vote relatively evenly with Warren getting 16% in one poll and Biden getting 17% in another. This is not a winner-take-all vote; the Democratic Party, instead, awards pledged delegates based on the proportion of the total vote each candidate receives.