Apple iPhone 11 Pro, Pro Max, iPhone 8 prices hiked in India


Apple produced the two best-selling phone models in the world previous year, the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11, according to Counterpoint Research and Omdia reports. It seems like Google has a lot to work on if it wants to stand alongside Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and even Motorola.

After Apple, Samsung held the second place with three models, all from its A-series, among the top 10. However, it is obvious that smartphone buyers are willing to balance unit price with tech performance when considering any premium smartphones. iPhone 11 Pro Max's worldwide sales are therefore impressive considering that it hit the market in September 2019. In Europe for example, the number one smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy A50, closely followed by the iPhone XR and 11.

Most of the smartphones bought during 2019 belong to two different brands.

According to Counterpoint Research's "Market Pulse", among the many prime 10 cellular fashions, Apple has encroached on a complete of six places.

Search engine giant Google has reportedly applied for approval for exemption with the United States government that would allow it ... In the market, whose market share is 3 per cent.

Oppo with its A5 smartphone replaced Xiaomi's position from 2018, which was also the top-selling model in China.

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While the smartphone is only lost from your iPhone Xr to rank the top. Yes!

That so-called throttling, which some suspected was a play by the company to get people to buy newer phones, could cost Apple up to $500 million in a proposed class-action settlement, according to a new report in Bloomberg Law.

As anticipated, the Chinese favor their own brands like Oppo and Vivo rather than opting for foreign models.

Interestingly, Google's phone - Pixel was missing from the list completely!

It was the most-sold phone in China in 2019, which contributes to the sales figures.

However, it predicted that due to more 5G networks being rolled out, smartphones capable of supporting the new network technology will become more popular.