Fight in NSW supermarket over toilet paper


A mother and daughter with a trolley full of toilet paper packs are seen attacking another woman in the supermarket aisle, screaming and pushing her after she apparently confronted them over their bulk purchasing.

"I just want one pack", the woman says.

Supermarket chains have started rationing sales of toilet paper and assured customers there is no shortage.

A 49-year-old woman also involved spoke to police but was not charged, the station said, describing her as the victim but saying she was not injured.

"Toilet paper is so hard to come by here, he'll be using it sparingly".

Yesterday, Coles introduced tougher restrictions amid the COVID-19 panic-buying crisis that has stripped shelves bare and shoppers resorting to violence in order to snag a pack of toilet rolls.

Coronavirus fears have caused panic buying of toilet paper across Australia.

NSW Police acting inspector Andrew New said after Saturday's incident that people were panicking needlessly because there are sufficient supplies.

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The sign takes a cheeky swipe at the toilet paper saga.

The "reusable" toilet paper roll is also for sale in the Australian Handmade Textiles for just AUS $25.

"Look what you're doing, you're fighting over tissues".

Images of empty shelves and long queues of people waiting to stock up on the paper have circulated throughout the country, and people have even resorted to fist fights in efforts to secure their toilet paper supplies.

A third coronavirus-related death was recorded in Australia on the Sunday. Our obsession has made us an global laughing stock.

On Wednesday, Woolworths announced a cap of four-packets of toilet paper per person to help meet the rise in demand for non-perishable groceries.

"Unfortunately many stores are still selling out within an hour of delivery", Coles said in a statement.