The push to postpone 2020 Olympics just got serious


World Athletics president Sebastian Coe told AFP Saturday that the sporting world was in "uncharted territory". Hirshland says the federation is working with individual sports, both at the national and worldwide levels, to adapt in the event the Olympics take place without a traditional qualifying structure.

"We are aware that global sentiment is leaning toward a postponement (rather than going ahead as scheduled)", the official said.

"We understand and respect that the situation is indeed very complicated for the Japanese health authorities, the OCOG and the IOC".

U.S. President Donald Trump acknowledged at a news conference on March 19 that leaders of the Group of Seven countries discussed the option of calling off or postponing the Olympics when they held an emergency videoconference March 16 to coordinate steps to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

"As long as the Games remain as their goal, we will maintain this impossible balancing act for the athletes and coaches, which will be hard to justify as time goes by".

Trump noted that Abe faced a hard decision, and that he would respect whatever he decides.

Response from those athletes has been varied, she said, often depending on where athletes live in the U.S. On Thursday, swimmer Jacob Pebley, who trains in Southern California, called for a postponement. "I think they knew it was not the best date but rather than canceling they have preferred to put that date". "But human life is worth more than all of those things".

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USA Swimming has called for the Tokyo 2020 Games to be postponed for a year, hours after the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee said athletes should continue their preparations amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Hinchey added. "Our athletes are under tremendous pressure, stress and anxiety, and their mental health and wellness should be among the highest priorities".

In an editorial titled, "The Olympics must be canceled or postponed", the Post said the pursuit of an on-schedule July 24 start of the games during the current coronavirus pandemic has inspired some "magical thinking" by the International Olympic Committee and the government of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

"Telling athletes to prepare for an Olympic Games during a global pandemic raises serious issues", Swimming Canada CEO Ahmed El-Awadi said in a statement. Together, the governing bodies represent arguably two of the most decorated, and most popular, Olympic sports in the United States - and some of its brightest stars.

Swimming Canada says it supports a call by USA Swimming to postpone this summer's Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The International Olympics Committee recently suspended the Olympic torch relay in Greece due to the virus. The Tokyo Olympic debut would, without doubt, vault it over exhausted, old sports like running in circles or swimming in straight lines.