Coronavirus: USA to become epicentre of disease


The United States could soon become the global epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organisation warned on Tuesday, as President Trump insisted that the country should soon be "open for business".

WHO Spokeswoman Margaret Harris told the reporters during the press conference that around 85 percent of new cases were from Europe and United States in just 24 hours. Harris added that almost 50% of the new cases over the past 24 hours were from Europe, while 40 per cent were from the US.

"Ultimately, the goal is to ease the guidelines and open things up to very large sections of our country as we near the end of our historic battle with the invisible enemy", the president said. "We can not say that is the case yet but it does have that potential".

Overall, the global outbreak was accelerating very rapidly and she expected large increases in case numbers and deaths from the 334,981 cases and 14,652 deaths now reported to WHO.

Because countries' case totals and death tolls are constantly changing as the coronavirus outbreak evolves, their death rates are not static - nor is the global rate. Its death cases have considerably slowed down recently.

NY now has over 25,000 confirmed virus cases and at least 210 deaths.

As Breitbart News reported, he cited the extraordinary action of President Donald Trump invoking the Defense Production Act, but also noted efforts from 3M, Facebook and Anheuser-Busch in working with the government in tackling the pandemic.

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The pandemic has bought the USA economy, which was roaring just a month ago, to a halt with businesses shuttered, amusements closed, and people told to stay at home.

The highly contagious respiratory virus has infected more than 42 000 people in the USA, prompting more governors to join states ordering Americans to stay at home.

Of the top 10 countries by case numbers, Italy has reported the highest fatality rate, at around 10%, which at least partly reflects its older population. "We've seen in the last two days fewer new cases and deaths in Italy but it's very, very early days yet".

Spain experienced 4,517 new cases with 462 deaths on Tuesday, increasing its total to 33,089 cases and 2,182 deaths, according to the WHO.

Most other European nations and some USA states have followed Italy's example and imposed their own containment and social distancing measures created to stop the spread.

Ms Harris said new records were to be expected each day until new confinement measures begin to take effect. Overall, France has experienced 860 deaths with 19,615 cases of COVID-19.