Italian gov't introduces stiff fines for offenders of lockdown rules


The death toll rose by 743 on Tuesday, the second highest daily number since the outbreak in the northern regions emerged on February 21, after more encouraging numbers in the previous two days.

As of writing, there are at least 69,176 confirmed case of coronavirus in the country, as reported by CNN.

Following its worst afternoon on Saturday with 793 deaths, the nation saw declines on Sunday with 650 and 602 on Monday.

Giorgio Gori, Mayor of Bergamo, the city where the most coronavirus cases and epidemic death occurred in Italy, made a statement and said that the number of people who died due to the epidemic could be 4 times the official figures.

The number of coronavirus cases in Italy may be 10 times what's been officially reported, a lead Italian expert says.

Medical experts confirm that Italy has focused its testing only on people showing severe symptoms in areas with high epidemic intensity like Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto in the north of the country, thus it is hard to say the real numbers.

However, there was reassuring evidence that Italy's coronavirus infection rate was slowing. Almost 103,000 of the 392,000 people who have been diagnosed with the disease have recovered.

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A man talks on his cell phone at his home as Italy extends its nationwide lockdown to control the spread of Covid-19.

Health officials stressed caution, noting that there was also a significant fall in the number of tests carried out.

"The decree allows many companies to remain open, many of them without adequate guarantees and safety standards, creating conditions not agreed with us and generating great concern among workers", said Paolo Pirani, national chief of chemical and textile workers. from UILTEC.

"We are facing an invisible enemy, which has divided families and forced us to limit our movements", Conte said, adding: "This is an economic, sanitary and social challenge, and involves all of us".

Of the 67 Italian priests who have died of the virus, more than 20 have come from Bergamo, including a bishop, according to the Catholic newspaper Avvenire. Officials said Tuesday that they will be lifting the lockdown on Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, on April 8, over two months since it began.

The numbers are improving 'and the containment measures are delivering the desired effect, even if we are in the initial phase of the slowdown, ' the research council said.