Wuhan residents believe total coronavirus death toll could be 42,000


Some Wuhan residents estimated that many funeral homes in the city are giving out 3,500 urns each day, while another calculation estimated the capacity of each funeral home which led to a conclusion that there would be more than 40,000 death cases in the area.

In addition to allegedly undercounting, some outlets are reporting that the city has received a sharp increase in urn shipments to funeral homes in the city, which could be evidence that there are far more COVID-19 deaths than the city's reported 2,535.

China has used state propaganda in an attempt to avoid blame for the spreading of COVID-19, despite reports showing how the government suppressed initial reports of human-to-human transmission and gagged Wuhan labs that discovered the novel virus resembled the deadly SARS virus of 2002-2003.

According to official Chinese figures, 81,470 people have been infected in the country, with 3,304 deaths.

This means that 42,000 urns could be distributed in that 12-day period. The number is based on a claim that all seven funeral homes in Wuhan were handing out 3,500 urns everyday.

The two-day "gaokao" annual test will be pushed back to July 7 and 8, China Central Television said on Tuesday, with Hubei province, where the virus emerged late previous year, and Beijing, the capital, being given more leeway in scheduling it.

Another resident claimed that there are many deceased people who had died in their houses but they were never treated for the Coronavirus.

Another resident said: "Maybe the authorities are gradually releasing the real figures, intentionally or unintentionally, so that people will gradually come to accept the reality". "It may take a few more months to see a full recovery, given fragile public confidence in the virus being firmly subdued", Fidelity said.

Canadian border will be closed to ‘non-essential’ traffic over coronavirus, Trump says
In a tweet Wednesday, he said the two countries agreed to suspend non-essential travel amid the growing coronavirus pandemic. Tacoma says the Point Grey Periodic Table dress was sold for seven years before it was taken offline about six months ago.

Most imported cases have involved Chinese returning home from overseas with almost a quarter from arrivals into Beijing.

Residents of Wuhan also expressed concern that lifting the lockdown could trigger new infections.

It comes as Italy and the USA have overtaken China as the hotbeds of the virus - which has killed more than 30,000 and infected 664,695 world wide.

Among them was this teacher, who was visiting her family when most access to the city of 11 million inhabitants was suspended on January 23 to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Reports of the funeral's crematoriums working nonstop also raised questions.

"We find that the lockdown of the city of Wuhan contributed significantly to reducing the total infection cases outside of Wuhan, even with the social distancing measures later imposed by other cities", said Yang Yang, one of the researchers and assistant professor of the CUHK's Business School.

However, the residents in Wuhan, where the outbreak started, are now questioning these numbers.