NY reports deadliest day from coronavirus, governor makes plea for help


Cuomo said NY initially ordered 17,000 ventilators through companies in China.

On Friday, April 3, a total of 1,592 people had been discharged from hospitals, up 10% from the previous day.

Some upstate NY officials have criticized the plan to move ventilators, saying it puts rural hospitals at risk.

"I'm not going to let people die because we didn't redistribute ventilators", Cuomo said.

A large majority of those cases are in New York City, which has 63,306 confirmed cases.

As of Friday evening, New York City on its own tallied 1,867 deaths.

Cuomo said recent weeks have felt "like an entire lifetime".

"I think this is very reckless", Reed said.

He said the 2,500-bed facility at the Javits Convention Center, which will now be open for coronavirus patients, is a big help. In all, the state has 85,000 medical volunteers, he said, including 22,000 from out of state. "But there's part of me that says it's good that we're not at the apex because we're not yet ready for the apex, either".

Coronavirus-related illnesses killed 630 people in the last day in NY state, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday, in the grimmest 24 hours yet for the USA state hit hardest by the pandemic. Cuomo said the ventilators from China were expected to arrive Saturday.

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They were isolated upon their arrival to the Comfort, which is docked in New York City, while they awaited test results.

Andrew Cuomo said Saturday the Chinese government was facilitating a shipment of 1,000 donated ventilators to his state, highlighting the extreme measures leaders are taking in what has become a cutthroat scramble to independently secure enough lifesaving devices during the coronavirus pandemic.

He said those ventilators were due to arrive Saturday, and the state of OR had volunteered to send 140 more breathing machines. The state has now lost 2,935 people to COVID-19, almost as many people that died at the World Trade Center in the 9/11 attacks.

A memo to medical professionals employed by Northwell Health - the parent company of Staten Island University Hospital- instructed them how to ration the ventilators for patients who could most benefit from them, according to a Politico report.

When asked what issues were left on the table, Cuomo said improving work conditions for those in the gig economy and legalizing marijuana. "Can we handle that number of cases at the high point of the curve?"

Asked by another reporter if he anxious about hospitals suing him, Cuomo said: "If they want to sue me for borrowing the excess ventilators to save lives, let them sue me".

"There's something sort of unquantifiably painful about telling a family their loved one died without letting them see them", he said.

"But we find our best self, our strongest self - this day will end".

A key reason for the high rate among general practitioners was that flu was raging at the same time in the early part of the year, "which didn't allow us to discriminate between the two", said Palermo, the doctors' union head. "We are asking all the hospitals to contribute what they have to that central stockpile, and then we will disburse on a need basis".