New York's Daily Virus Death Toll Drops Slightly to 777


Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday that 783 more people had died from the coronavirus in NY state, bringing the death toll statewide to 8,627 as the number of cases hit 180,458.

Cuomo said that Friday's figure shows a high but apparently leveling number of fatalities. "That's the mayor's opinion".

One of New York's neighboring states, New Jersey, is also seeing staggering numbers as Murphy announced 3,627 new confirmed cases.

Cuomo, who like President Donald Trump has faced questions over his response to the global pandemic, said the nation needs to study the data and ensure that there is no resurgence of the coronavirus.

"We need a tremendous mind-boggling increase in volume quickly", Cuomo said.

During the briefing, the governor also touted a pair of executive orders he said he would be signing on Sunday.

Cuomo's administration had previously said it wasn't clear on whether face masks are effective.

Earlier Saturday, de Blasio said he had made a decision to keep schools closed through the academic year, a move he called "painful". "The keys to reopening the economy are continuing to limit the spread of the virus and ramping up antibody testing".

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"We feel this loss deeply as a state, community and NY family", he said.

All in the state of NY, which is in the midst of an epidemic of coronavirus in the United States since the beginning of the outbreak of coronavirus was 7 067 deaths, which is 2.5 times more than in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Still, Anthony Fauci, the nation's top USA infectious disease expert, said it was important that people continue to stay home.

"We are seeing the start of a very high plateau", the French Health Ministry said in a statement. While admissions remain significant, they are lesser than previous tallies - and with fewer intubations.

Total Covid-19 cases in NY rose on Saturday by 9,946, to a total of 180,458.

Mr Cuomo said no one will be able to declare the crisis over until a vaccine is available in 12-18 months.

Looking ahead to developing a plan to phase the state out of the NY on PAUSE executive order, Cuomo said a strategy must be implemented that coordinates business, schools, transportation and the workforce. "We need an unprecedented mobilization where government can produce these tests in the millions". "In terms of lives lost, that this situation should exceed 9/11 is still beyond my capacity to fully appreciate, to tell you the truth".