Gates Foundation calls for global cooperation on vaccine for seven billion people


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, an association of Microsoft co-founder and president Bill Gates, has announced an additional contribution of $ 150 million (Rs 1150 crore) for the global pandemic coronavirus vaccine preparation and other measures. On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump said he was cutting off US funds for the WHO.

Gates Foundation's co-chair, Melinda Gates, said "it is increasingly clear that the world's response to this pandemic will not be effective unless it is also equitable".

"When I joined the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation past year as its Africa Director, I never imagined that the continent would be dealing with a situation of this magnitude, and I salute the continent's leaders for adopting measures to prevent the virus' rapid spread amongst their populations", said Seydi in an opinion piece posted in the foundation's website earlier this week.

"These funds, which can include equity investments, loans, and volume guarantees, will be used to help health systems in low- and middle-income countries facilitate the rapid procurement of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers, COVID-19 diagnostics, oxygen therapeutics, and other essential medical supplies", it said.

Gates had been a frequent critic of the US's response to the coronavirus outbreak, writing in an opinion piece that "there's no question the United States missed the opportunity to get ahead of the novel coronavirus".

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However, this year would be different for many people around the world as we are faced with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. And also do something fun for the community as well, since they are stuck at home".

The falsehoods being spread vary, but range from him creating COVID-19 in order to profit from a vaccine, or of Gates being a member of a plot to cull humanity and/or implement a global surveillance system.

"This pandemic has unleashed an extraordinary philanthropic response". And what can Africa do to emerge from this crisis better prepared for others in the future?

The foundation is also considering gender equality issues in its response, and it will support research into the differential health, economic, and social impacts of the pandemic on women and girls in LMICs. Not with the needs of only the most powerful in mind, but with the needs of all people, especially those in Africa.

This major philanthropist who is one of the largest donators of health-care benefits in developing countries is now being accused of benefiting from the suppression of the global population and economy.

While it is likely to take as many as 18 months to develop and fully test a safe coronavirus vaccine, global authorities and businesses need to start now on plans to manufacture it, said foundation chief executive Mark Suzman. In 2018, footage surfaced of Gates recounting how Trump needed help distinguishing HIV, which refers to the human immunodeficiency virus and causes AIDS, from HPV, which is the human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted infection.