Spain seeks to extend COVID-19 lockdown, ease restrictions for children


One of the worst-hit countries in the world, Spain has seen the increase in the number of deaths and infections come down over the past fortnight, with the overnight fatalities taking the toll to 19,130.

The health ministry said 551 people died in the 24 hours to Thursday, up from 523 on Wednesday, bringing the total to 19,130.

In Spain is 20.453 persons with the coronavirus died after 410 deaths the past day.

(Pau Barrena /AFP via Getty Images) Spanish chef Benito Gomez cooks food for people in need in Ronda, during a food distribution campaign amid a national lockdown to prevent the spread of the CCP virus in Ronda, Spain, on April 18, 2020.

Health officials say Spain has passed the summit of this COVID-19 outbreak that killed up to 950 individuals on April 2, and stress has eased hospitals.

"We have left behind the most extreme moments", Sanchez said at a press briefing.

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Simon Harris has thanked the dedication of health professionals and says the figures should encourage us to stay the course. He said: 'Elderly and vulnerable residents face a death sentence because staff lack personal protective equipment'.

Sanchez said that he hoped everyone else in Spain would "start the slow march back to reality" in May, but warned the lifting of restrictions would be "cautious and progressive".

According to the Italian government, the lockdown that went into effect on March 10 in the country will continue until May 3, which will be followed by a so-called "Phase Two", involving "the gradual resumption of social, economic and productive activities".

But the central government's death count does not include data reported last night by the government of Catalan, which includes Barcelona, home to some 5.6 million people.

"The increase in the number of tests has led to an increase in the number of cases", Simon said at the government's daily news conference.

"But as of today. figures on deaths at (old people's) residences and homes throughout Catalonia will also be collected following an order to funeral services to provide this information", it said, giving a new figure of 7,097.

Medical professionals, who account for around 15.5% of the country's coronavirus cases, had said that they were unable to access vital supplies like masks, gloves and surgical scrubs.