Number of overall deaths in North Yorkshire higher than average in March


The ONS said 21,284 deaths in England alone up until April 17 were due to coronavirus, compared with the official announcement on that day from National Health Service England of 13,917.

Of the 27,501 excess deaths (above the five year average) since the outbreak of the pandemic, only 19,093 have been linked with coronavirus in England and Wales, leaving nearly 8,000 as yet unexplained excess deaths.

The ONS totals are 39 per cent higher than the totals published by NHS England.

The ONS bases its figures on mentions of COVID-19 in death certificates, including suspected cases rather than those who actually tested positive.

More people died in Britain in the week ending 17 April than in any week since records began, according to shocking new statistics from the Office for National Statistics.

Up to April 17, a total of 3,096 care home deaths involving Covid-19 were registered in England and Wales, up from 1,043 the previous week.

By comparison, the United Kingdom government said 14,451 people died from the disease in England and Wales up to April 17.

At least three more weeks of coronavirus lockdown announced
Mr Raab said there were still "issues with the virus spreading in some hospitals and in care homes". The extension takes the lockdown to at least 7 May, and Mr Raab hinted it would likely go further.

The CQC said the death toll in care homes nationwide has been "devastating".

The Department of Health has provided daily updates on the number of deaths related to COVID-19.

The number of hospital deaths involving the virus in each area, including in Cambridgeshire's hospitals, has been known for weeks, with data published regularly.

The discrepancy in the figures is caused by the fact that the United Kingdom only includes people who have tested positive for the virus and die in hospital in its daily fatality updates.

"The crucial part of the next stage is to have enough testing and early warning systems to avoid ending up back where the United Kingdom is now".

Members of the public, NHS staff, and police offices pause for a minute's silence to honour UK's key workers who have died during the coronavirus outbreak, outside the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London on April 28, 2020. Italian and British medical experts are investigating whether the syndrome is linked in any way to the novel coronavirus.

This was 11,854 more than average for the week.