Worldwide coronavirus cases pass 4 million


Data showed fatalities worldwide reached 277,860, while the number of patients who recovered stands at 1,348,383. The database also relies on accurate reporting from local governments - and reports indicate that USA officials are suspicious that China has not been providing accurate information regarding the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

The good news from their point of view is that it seems the number of infections has slowed and over the last seven to 10 days the number of deaths per day has decreased quite a bit. A total of 8.7 million virus tests have been carried out in the country. The toll is 78,469 in the USA, 31,662 in Britain, 30,395 in Italy, 26,313 in France, and 26,299 in Spain.

Cuomo calls for expanded testing for front-liners
During his daily briefing Sunday, Cuomo said he's examining different options when it comes to reopening New York's economy. Earlier this week, Cuomo said without federal aid there could be 20% cuts to schools, local governments and hospitals.

The US has been the most affected country in the world with more than 78,600 deaths, followed by, UK, and Italy, with 31,662 and 30,395 deaths, respectively.

© Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty New Yorkers are pictured walking through Manhattan while wearing masks on May 9. Globally, the USA has reported significantly more positive cases and resulting fatalities than all other countries affected by the pandemic. Several U.S. states have launched reopening procedures-although those hardest hit, for the most part, remain closed.