National Basketball Association needs 15,000 COVID-19 tests to resume season?


The optics of using tests for a professional sports league to resume when front-line health care workers who were actually putting themselves in harm's way weren't able to get them is nothing the National Basketball Association or any pro league wants to deal with.

Silver cautiously primed the league's players that the coming months and years will be both lean and hard, emphasizing that it may be until after a vaccine is available for fans to be allowed back in arenas. Silver said he found those remarks disheartening, sources said, because a vaccine is likely more than a year away from production. "As we have been told, the general public in our community can go to numerous locations to receive a coronavirus test".

National Basketball Players Association executive director Michele Roberts also participated in the call, which was created to update players on the league's status among the pandemic-inducted shutdown.

The proposal floundered after they wondered how the zone would be policed to guarantee isolation.

"When that one was first floated, there was some consternation", Roberts told ESPN before the call.

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Concern any "bubble" city plan might be more like prison than entertainment - the NBPA's Roberts was quoted by ESPN's Ramona Shelburne as saying "Are we going to arm guards around the hotel?" He also said if a player tests positive for COVID-19, it wouldn't necessarily mean another shutdown. "Do we shut it down?"

But the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Portland Trail Blazers were the only clubs to do so, reflecting the cautious approach that almost all teams have adopted.

The NBA also revealed on Friday that Las Vegas, Nevada, and Orlando, Florida, are two proposed locations to finish the season, with the Western and Eastern Conferences playing in those locations, respectively.

According to Silver, should a player test positive, they'll be removed from action, while players they were in close contact with would be repeatedly tested before they were allowed to jump back into action.