SL on alert over Kawasaki-like disease spreading in Europe, West


Over 70 percent of the cases resulted in an ICU admission, while 19 percent required intubation and 43 percent of cases remain hospitalized.

There have been similar cases in the US, Spain, Italy, France and the Netherlands.

The condition is being called "pediatric multi-symptom inflammatory syndrome", or PMIS.

The EU has insisted that any coronavirus vaccine must be available fairly to all countries, after the British chief executive of French drugs company Sanofi said it was reserving the first shipments of its vaccine for the US.

But it is still exceedingly rare, and the study estimated it will only affect 1 in 1,000 children exposed to the coronavirus.

The disease is being linked to Covid-19, Portman said, because nearly all of the patients have had confirmed cases of the virus, positive antibody tests, or known exposure.

This worrying trend, exacerbated by fears that it is linked to COVID-19, prompted researchers to carry out research to understand more about the condition.

Prof Burgner said there has been no clear data to suggest COVID-19 has caused increased cases of Kawasaki disease.

Professor Murphy told a senate committee looking into the Government's response to COVID-19 that incidence of the condition was believed to be rare.

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Kawasaki disease shock syndrome (KDSS) occurred in five of the 10 children in the Covid-19 era group and in none of the 19 children treated earlier, and macrophage activation syndrome (MAS) also occurred in five of the 10 most recently treated children and in none of the 19 children treated prior to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Italian doctors have found a "strong association" between the novel coronavirus and a rare condition that has been seen in clusters of children in several countries since the beginning of the pandemic.

Saad said this is the first patient to show Kawasaki Syndrome-like symptoms since Windsor Regional Hospital issued its directive a few days ago.

In a Wednesday afternoon press briefing, pediatric cardiologist Jackie Szmuszkovicz, MD, said that during the month of April, CHLA experienced an unusual uptick in the number of cases of a syndrome that appeared to be similar to Kawasaki disease.

To date, at least 14 other states have reported cases of multi-system inflammatory syndrome, NBC News reported Tuesday.

Symptoms of Kawasaki disease include a rash, bloodshot eyes, high fever, joint pain as well as swollen hands and feet.

"But what caught everybody's attention is the relatively large number of cases (of this disease) in communities where they had just gotten through struggling with a surge in coronavirus cases", said Kimberlin. In Italy, where 10 children were admitted to hospital in Bergamo between February and April, the average age was seven.

"It resembles other conditions that have been reported in children, called toxic shock syndrome or another one called Kawasaki disease, so it's sort of an atypical Kawasaki disease, and these children are very ill, often requiring intensive care and even the use of a ventilator or breathing machine". At least three children have died while two more deaths are under investigation. "So we think that something about this virus is triggering the immune system to overreact which causes this widespread inflammation".

"At first it was nothing major, it seemed like a tummy bug, like he ate something that didn't agree with him", said Dean, who lives with her husband and three young children in the western NY town of Hornell.