Trump calls churches ‘essential,’ says governors must reopen during COVID-19 pandemic


This quarter to brag about Trump's check, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany flashed the check for the world to see.

"Today I'm identifying houses of worship - churches, synagogues and mosques - as essential places that provide essential services", Trump said during a hastily arranged news conference at the White House, where he did not take questions.

He threatened to override the governors if they do not allow the churches to re-open.

He recommends that other religious organizations do not open their doors.

"Here is the cheque", McEnany said as she held the cheque, which appeared to be a real Capital One bearing not just the president's name and signature, but also his bank information. "I'm so thankful for the funding that you all have given to the [National Institutes of Health] and CDC, but that's not enough, and we need more", she added. "While the Governor's orders will remain in effect, this matter continues to be under serious consideration as New Jersey moves toward Phase 2".

In a statement the United Methodist Church says it urges religious groups to follow the state public health recommendations through June 12.

Churches, however, will not be officially classified as "essential" establishments, CNA was told, as that classification can vary state-by-state in its implications for religious groups.

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Bishop Dennis Sullivan of Camden defended New Jersey Democrat, Gov. Phil Murphy, saying: "Canceling Masses in times of pestilence has been done over the course of the history of the Catholic Church". He said the state is now in Stage 1 but did not provide hard dates for when the next phases can begin. "I am ashamed to have him be President of the United States of America".

It was during this visit to his Mar-a-Lago resort that he hosted several Brazilian officials, and one tested positive for coronavirus soon after. "If they do not do it, I will override the governors".

"You're posing a hypothetical, though", McEnany responded.

Evidence clearly shows that gathering people together for in-person interaction poses a greater communicable disease threat than retail stores where people enter to make a purchase and then leave.

Dr Birx said during Friday's White House briefing that people could play golf and other activities over the weekend - often seen as the unofficial start of summer - but cautioned people to keep complying with social distancing. They love their people.

In a tweet posted late Thursday night after his tour of a Ford plant making ventilators in Ypsilanti, Trump called Nessel a "The Wacky Do Nothing Attorney General of Michigan" and said she was "viciously threatening" Ford Motor Company because Trump was in the plant without a mask. "But they're not going to be successful in that call". "We've got to get our churches open".

"So I'm correcting this injustice and calling houses of worship essential".