Facebook employees to face pay cut if they move to cheaper areas


With the announcement that Facebook is ready to let employees work from home permanently, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has untethered one of Silicon Valley's biggest companies from the place that incubated it.

The potential salary adjustments for employees comes after the Facebook CEO predicted that 50% of the company could be working remotely in the next five to 10 years.

"We are going to be the most forward-leaning company on remote work at our scale, with a thoughtful and responsible plan for how to do this", Zuckerberg said on his weekly livestream with employees.

Zuckerberg stated that 95 percent of Facebook's employees were now working remotely, according to a survey of staff 50 percent of the employees stated that they were as productive working from home as they were at the office. Both Twitter and now Shopify have also made a decision to let some employees work remotely on a permanent-basis. Facebook is giving employees until January 1, 2021 to notify the company of where they are living now so it can adjust salaries and tax requirements accordingly.

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While the social media giant will be saving on food, electricity and on-campus facilities, providing the required equipment to the employees can cost the company a lot. It'll also involve addressing certain challenges, like ensuring remote workers don't lose out on career advancement. The company's work from home policy will continue even after January 1.

Zuckerberg also announced the company will "aggressively" ramp up remote hiring in order to diversify the talent pool outside of those who were able to relocate to a big city. The Canadian e-commerce business said that its offices will be closed until 2021 and most employees will be allowed to work remotely on a permanent basis after that. This includes a level of seniority, strong performance and, naturally, being part of a team that supports remote work. Many believe that work from home is the new future and the only way that could stabilise the economy of a country while ensuring that the employees are not exposed to health risks. The latter is even considering a permanent work from the home set-up.

For now, workers at Facebook, Google, Twitter and elsewhere can work remotely through 2020. "And that varies by location, so we're going to continue that principle here", he said.

At the present pandemic condition all the possible companies are shifted to Work from Home strategy for safety purposes. Facebook is indicating it'll lower the pay for staffers who move out of a city with a high cost of living. "It's learning the culture and the rhythms of interacting with your colleagues by video conference and doing your work remotely", he said, speaking not just of Microsoft but workplaces in general.