Hackers release iOS Jailbreak which is compatible with nearly all iPhones


In an interview with Motherboard, Pwn20wnd said this new tool marks the first time a jailbreak has been released that's capable of working on all devices at launch since iOS 10.

Notably, a jailbreak was released for some iOS devices in August, but that tool, released by Pwn20wnd, exploited a vulnerability in iOS devices that had been patched by Apple from iOS version 12.3 and later. An investigation by Vice apparently confirms that researchers and hackers really got access to an iOS version more than half a year before its release.

Jailbreak, which means upgrading an Apple device in order to remove software restrictions applied by Apple on iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and watchOS operating systems, is performed using a series of kernel patches.

The most recent being reported is the re-issuing of iOS app updates, some of which were already done earlier this month but, for an unknown reason, have been pushed to iPhone users once again. The hacker group claims that it also preserves the data protection of Apple users.

A major bug in iOS 13.5 is preventing users from opening apps. The updates contained the Exposure Notification API that developers can use to create contact tracking apps for the new coronavirus, as well as a simplified Face ID unlocking process for users wearing face masks.

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While the new jailbreak leverages an as-yet-unknown zero-day vulnerability, the iPhone maker will likely roll out a security update in the coming weeks to plug the flaw exploited by unc0ver. But it is hard to say for sure if this would result in a very early release of an iOS 14 jailbreak.

Unc0ver also mentioned that this jailbreak mechanism doesn't affect the core security model of iOS.

Installed jailbreaks can be removed by restoring Apple's official iOS software. Although the final version of iOS 14 will be quite different, leaking version is a big thing for Apple. Updated to iOS 13.5 a few days ago...

This, the unc0ver team claimed, protects users' personal information, allowing them to run their favourite jailbreak apps without being exposed to attacks.